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OBL is a mere token, now...

April 19 2004 at 7:49 PM
Octopus  (no login)
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Response to Then focus on OBL...


He's a chess piece, effectively taken off the board by being isolated in severe cave-mode, off the radar, probably dead...these garbled recordings they keep "finding" at Al-Jazeera are probably the work of his surviving pals. Osama is still a target, for the simple reason that he is a potent symbol of the War On Terror, and we must exhaust every lead until we make sure he's dead. Along the way, we're killing lots of Taliban and other countries' terrorist-trash, in those mountains. It's all good, they have virgins to screw, and we have quotas to keep.

Nobody in a position of authority in the US is under any illusions, that catching or killing Osama will make a big difference in the War On Terror, which is a global war, against a vast network of terrorist organizations and sympathizers. As I said, he's probably already dead, or else he'd have released a videotape proving he was alive...the ultimate "F--- You!" to the USA, and our partners in the War On Terror.

Afghanistan is far from secure, and there are lots of outlaws left to kill in the wilderness up north. Pakistan is finally helping, which is the final piece of the puzzle, as far as isolating the region's inhabitants. I don't trust Pakistan, but they are currently providing a cap on this bottle o' terror, so you have to give them some credit.

As for the "illegal and unjust War Against Iraq," well, I know you're just yanking everyone's chain. I finally figured out(duh!) that you were just pretending to be an idiotic simp like smike, thinking just like bin Laden, defending Hussein and terrorists all over the region...LOL! Good one, on me! Touche!

It's good for me, to be humbled like that once in awhile. It takes a lot, to put one over on me. I salute you, O King of Satire!

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