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Blind patriots make me barf!

May 10 2004 at 6:38 PM
smike  (no login)
from IP address

Response to Why are you always such a prick?

Blind patriotism is not patriotism at all.

Its, as yiou and chicken little have prioven over and over and over, an excuse for those of limited enlightenment to be stooopid!

Only a fool follows the lead no matter who is in charge, blind, like lemmings to the cliff. The excuse did not work in naziville at the end, and it aint working now either.

Specially when the leader has proven himself to be a failure over an over and over and over again! No results, goober, no matter how you spin it.

And as always, when I bring these failings to your attention, instead of having a discusion on how we could correct these deficiencies, viola, the chicken brigade goes physcho, Im a leftist prick or a coward or whatever comes to yer simpleton noodle at the time, a trait, I would remind you, that only you and chicken little share.

You, chicken little and the neoconidiots that, like you, blindly followed the ram like sheep to the slautherhouse and, in doing so, blindly supporting bad decision after bad decision, you've, collectively, created a situation Bush cannot win. Duhhhh!

And how come you only follow Bush when it suits yer purpose?

Bush, with all his flip flops, has aligned himself directly behind MY position, after all?

HOw deliciously ironic, dum ass. All those arguments about democracy and the UN and pooof, guess whio, hat in hand, is knocking on the door! GW fool! Bush flip flopped and in doing so, landed squarely upon smikers bandwagon for wayward sheeep, chickens and puppets.

So follow him, dopey! Just cause he over here with me on practically every issue on Iraq, come walk the walk, chicken hawk! You say you blindly follow, so follow!
And stop whining, the only reason He's a year to late and seven hundred plus dead is cause Bush tried, and failed, to implent his inept policies on democracy upon the people who habve decided they dont need Bush, or Ameica, to decide their own destiny.

Better late then never.

Or is it?

Perhaps Bush has fycked things so badly not even we can clean up his mess this time. Imagine, sticking freaking glow sticks up an Iraqis ass. Dooooooh rah!

A fitting, dispicable segment of Bush's Folly, a war concieved of a lie, supported by blind patriots and rife with abhorent consequence for a nation.

Bletch, thank God Americans are finally waking up and you and the bushlickers are quickly becoming a minority.

God save America.

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