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What NO vote was that, HR?

May 11 2004 at 8:50 AM
smike  (no login)
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Response to "Justify the unjustifiable..."


There was no vote, Bush, after his infamous make em show the cards television appearance before the world, Chicken George chickened out.

He pulled an Octo and it was Coccckledddodledooooo time!

Canada, like a majority of the rest of the sane world, put it before the United Nations, the onus was on BUSH to prove that he had a case.

HE FAILED!!!!! And when his bogus intelligence and browbeating failed, he took the cowards option! And like the urine soakled cowards you live to blindly follow, then Bush cut and run! Just like he's planning in Iraq, just like he did in Afghanistan, cut and run, before the jobs done!

And if you think he's improved the national security intererests of the USA by waging an illegitimate war in iraq, your a dumber pryk then he is!

Your opinions are blind braindead chitllin based on yer distorted interpretation of patriotism and limited imagination, not fact, law and justice. Your blinderville idiocy and incoherent ravings only breeds and encourages a state of anti-americanism. You offer nothing but excuses, excuses, excuses for the many fyckups marring Bushs defuct presidentcy.

And worst of all, you suck at it. Making excuses, that is. Sound like a broken record of suzieee, whining bitch of texas...

And it dont change a thing!

YOu can make yer excuses till you turn blue in the face, nobody is listening to you or Bush cause you've rendered your opinion irrelavent by Bushs many failures and yer constant whining. The war is still illegitimate, yanks are still dying (over thirty in the past ten days) and Bushs stoopid, infantile policies in iraq have managed to turn the entire population of iraq and the arab world against America.

Did you expect anything else? Nobody follows a failure cept other failures, and Bush, through his record, has proven himself to be the biggest failure in modern times.

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