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YOU, HR, not the US

May 13 2004 at 9:24 AM
smike  (no login)
from IP address

Response to I know it's hard for you...

Yer the one who's been generalizing about the arabs and you have since day one!!!! You, yer pet chicken and those chickenhawk braind neoconidiots the Likud publishes every day through Bush's propaganda machines. (national review, Evening Standard, yada yada yada...)

You superimpose things Ive never said all the time, flake, and you sound like a f'n idiot when you come out with that crap that they are programmed to hate you when they are not.

I said the Islam world, you dumb fyck, not terrorists.

ALL ARABS, not that infantile minority you prattling off about at the end, those who would settle for token democracy and token soveriegnty. What about the rest, the ones that demand to choose there own destiny? There not terrorist, there iraqis fighting for there own country's values, not the one American Likud is trying to impose upon them.

Theres yer problem, yer so f'cked up, you can no longer distinguish the two!

I suggest that you treat the Arab world the same way you treat the Isrealis would be a good first step. Maybe making an effort to win the hearts and minds of all iraqis instead of turning them against you by proving America is no better then Hussien, as far as occupations, torture camps and the complete abolishion of rights. How bout giving them true democracy, not that token crap Bush's Likud party came up with, where there is no democracy or soveriengty at all, where America gets to occupy the nation ad infinutum on bases no one gave them permision to build. How bout Afghansitan? Still a sheethole, still ruled by the talibvan beyond the boundries of kabul City, proof positive to the arab world Bush's committment is like a wisp of smoke. How bout accomplishing something for a change instead of cutting a running when the job isnt done. HOw bout palestine isreal, where Bush acts like Sharons lapdog for apartied.

Theres many things America can do to win the hearts and minds of the Arab world and turn the tide. But, as all barnyard critters with limited intellect, you've just proved yer part of the genocidal cycle, not a solution. A right wing wacko without a clue, a puppet who thinks as he programmed.

and lastly, I agree, there could be a large segment of iraqi and Arab society in general who are eager to embrace democracy. But not the CORRUPT token crap Bush tried to cram down their throats for a year before he cut and run an gave up on the process. Just like the programm of token soveriegnty his neoconpoops come up with. Ridiculous, no free nation would accept that, including America. And, like most, if not ALL, of Bushs intiatives, its just another program doomed to failure through sheeeer stupidity and certain to cost at least a hund5red or so Americans soldiers lives... fer nuthing.

Btw, he bailed on the process just like he did with the weapons inspection, the hunt for bin laden and now iraq with his ludicrous asslicking to the UN to come bail him out on the 30th june deadline. Why do you think the entire world despised the tinhorn, fool? Cause of the way he talks or his many, many failures as president?

Yer last comments are just plain stupid. A vast majority of Iraqis want a democractic and secure Iraq, dopey, real democracy, not that token neocon Likud proposal wherein America gets to play the boss while they go through the motions.

Their fighting for the real thing, bo peep, not the token crap you live by, but real, untainted democracy. They want the real thing, democracy and freedom, and the only obstancle to theri HONOURABLe querst for self determination, now that Hussien is gone, is the AMERICA OCCUPATION!

Not liberation, gomer, occupation!

And that should be even simplistic enough for you to grasp!

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