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May 20 2004 at 4:21 PM
D'Artagnon77  (Login face_off_circle)
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Response to That's an interesting analogy...



....."by defaulting" again, or, are you "that would suggesting" again? Who said it was ok for Hussein to do any of the bad things he was doing? Not I, nor did I read anywhere that smike said so either...oh, wait... you're "defaulting" again. Please do not pretend what Hussein was doing to the people of Iraq was even a remote concern for President Bush... that's an even bigger lie than anything he's said leading up to his War Against Iraq. You know as well as I do that President Bush couldn't give a rat's a$$ about how many Iraqis died at the hands of Hussein...there's your "BULLSHIIT" for ya.

.....I have no doubt in my mind, had President Bush gained UN support for his invasion, occupation and colonization of Iraq, I'm 100% certain Canada would have support this mission. But you're right, the UN would not sanction violating International Law...and by your own words, no "defaulting" needed, President Bush is in clear violation of Internation Law by "launching an offensive Military action" and "by ousting a Head of State"...clear proof President Bush should be considered and tried for the War Criminal that he is...thank you.

.....Oh, and speaking of International Law, you cannot even attempt to hold Hussein guilty of breaking Internation Law, if you are not willing to do the same for President Bush...again, thank you. Oh, and you're upset that other countries didn't toady to the US for its "Iraqi Liberation Act"...what, the entire planet should bend over and kiss your a$$...f*ck you.

.....As for President Bush the liar and murderer, time will tell, hopefully there will be a trial date set for him in The Hague, he certainly deserves it...problem is, those being murdered are not only Iraqis, but also near a thousand US soldiers, and unfortunately, lots more before HIS War Against Iraq is done...D'

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