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May 21 2004 at 12:05 PM
D'Artagnon77  (Login face_off_circle)
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Response to It's as stupid as the first day you said it.



.....What's any of that have to do with President Bush deliberately breaking International Laws after failing to gain support for his personal agenda in Iraq? What's any of that got to do with President Bush thumbing his nose at the International community who believed what he was doing to be wrong? I realize you have a propensity for changing the subject to deflect the blame away from where it should be, squarely on the shoulders of President Bush, but if you want to change the subject, why not just start a new thread?

.....One thing I don't get however, is whenever you're pushed into a corner, which is on a daily basis here, until you lose your mind and go all psycho on the board...but that's another subject, what I don't get is, how you and your bumbuddy Octo are constantly stating Canada is insignificant at the International level, that our opinion as a country means squat...but when it comes to placing blame for what's wrong, the two of you clearly hold Canada completely responsible for what went wrong, as if it was Canada's fault President Bush failed to make his case, as if it was Canada's fault President Bush is considered a liar in the eyes of the International Community, as if it's Canada's fault France and Russia had secret deals with Iraq, as if it's Canada's fault the UN is not perfect. For a country you consider so insignificant, we sure are responsible for a lot of wrong with regards to President Bush's misadventure in Iraq...D'

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