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May 23 2004 at 8:24 AM
smike  (no login)
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Response to An answer to Smike and others....


Why is it the War in Iraq, dude.

Because the people, th Iraqi, don't whant you there and they are revolting not against Hussien now, but the occupation.

Anmd because their is an occupation, a term used by the Iraqi, their is the call to Jihad.

It is not us you have to worry about, Burgie, as we shall be their to assist the moment Bush is history and a policy that will actually work is in place. Bush is the problem, like it or not, his three year reign has resulted in universal distrust and an aversion to partipate in anything he illegally initiated.

Even going beging to the UN will change nothing, not until you all are gone and legitimacy is restored to the operation.

Humanity will prevail, I believe this.

But only if the Iraqis are willing to embrace, not REJECT, what we wish to give them.

They have REJECTED Bush and his distorted version of democracy, his reasons for the attack and the occupation, not liberation.

They have Abandonded YOU, Burgie, not the other way around.

Success is not within yer grasp, not with the opbjective Bush stated before invading.

In fact, you've already lost.

Or so the iraqi polls, initiated by Paul Bremer, would dictate.

You want to win in iraq, you want to make the sacrifice of yer brethren worthy, withdraw the source of Iraqis rising hatred.... an illegimate occupation.

Thats the right thing to do, Burgie.

I can assure you, with iraq oil reserves (IF bush ever allows them to have control over their own resources) and western greed will ensure that they have the funding to make a productive society in their eyes, not yers.

Amd thats the point.

It is their country, they deserve the right to self determination and full soveriengty.

The only obstacle is the occupation.

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