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Yesterdays news re terroruism report.

June 10 2004 at 3:17 PM
smike  (no login)
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Response to What did I miss?


heres the link, I'd post the entire story but its against the rules for us centrists or anti-Bush boys1(snicker.)

I would refer to Bosnia, Kosovo and Afghanistan where America fully participated in combat but, after the attack mode was complete, withdrew a majority of the troops which were replaced by other nationalities. ISAF for existence, or NATO control over the balkans. Endeavours, oft times, initiated by America, who promptly passed the buck when the job had yet to be completed. hell, thats the reason, without doubt, Osama bin laden is still alive and well. Why there are war criminals in Yugo still free. As for Bush, his failute to commit troops in both afghanistan and Iraq are well documented, holy crap, lets be serious. Had he had the balls to go all the way, to shed this unrealistic reliance upon a ragtag afghan army with extensive links with AQ to take the bastard down, I dare say AQ would be crushed instead of flouruishing and osam bin Laden either on trial or in a prison waiting justice.

Same with Iraq, where the real plan was abandoned in favour of the neoconpoops incompetence. Insufficient troops resulting in fourteen months of derad americans and continuing turmoil (the kurds are threatening to abandon the government and declare an independent kurdistan) that will only grow stronger now that Bush, in his desperation to be reelected, has prematurely relinquished control of the government and the land to a puppet government not even the Iraqis trust or the Kurds, who, as i said, refuse to disband their army and are now threatening to abondon the process altoghether.

IM in rush, got to make dinner.

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