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You like quoting a Palestinian lawyer?

July 14 2004 at 12:05 PM
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Response to Isreali Aparthied

The guy has written hundreds of articles critical of Israel and the USA from atop his perch at UC-Hastings, in San Francisco. What the hell would anyone expect? Objective facts? You certainly have been eating from his trough, courtesy of the LA Times.

But here's another professor - of my persuasion - who hasn't fallen face first in the pig slop. This is in response to Bisharat's condemnation of the UN Sanctions as a policy of "Arab" genocide. Cute, huh?

Lifting controls on Iraq is 'potential genocide'

In his Seattle Post-Intelligencer article of May 3 "Sanctions against Iraq are genocide," Professor George Bisharat, a veteran criminal defense lawyer, makes a case for Saddam Hussein.

It is a fine tradition of American criminal law to undertake to defend anyone accused of crime no matter how grave the offense or how clear the evidence. We don't expect the advocate for the accused to make a balanced presentation of the evidence, but rather to state without committing perjury the best case that can be made for his client.

Bisharat continues in that tradition, but his advocacy goes too far. Bisharat omits all mention of the Oil for Food Program, allowing Iraq to export billions of dollars worth of oil in exchange for food and other civilian supplies.

Surplus funds available under that program in the amount of billions of dollars have gone unspent. Saddam has refused to import food with those billions, hoping to starve his people until the outside world submits to Iraq's violations of the terms of the cease-fire agreement of 1991 and allows Saddam full control of the oil revenues of Iraq.

There is no reason to suppose that the share of the oil revenue flowing to the benefit of the Iraqis will increase if the oil revenues are given fully into the control of Saddam. The billions of dollars a year that Iraq has obtained by exporting oil outside this agreement have gone to the construction of palaces, the construction of weapons of mass destruction and to aid and abet suicide murderers.

Bisharat's proposals would expand the funds available to Saddam and shrink the resources available to the Iraqi people. Ending the sanctions would be an act of potential genocide in which the victims might include millions of Americans.

Levis A. Kochin
Associate professor of economics
University of Washington

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