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Kerry has said that the presence of an Honorable Discharge

August 25 2004 at 3:20 PM
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Response to None of the official record's support their case.

does not prove that Bush fulfilled his obligations. Since you post that Bush was AWOL you obviously agree with this opinion. OK. The presence of a medal citation does not prove the incident actually happened as written. That is what the Swiftees accuse. All of the officers present say they did not fill out an action report, they say Kerry submitted it and made himself to be the hero in an action that didn't take place. I think the absence of anyone of 5 boats being wounded by gunfire, the absence of bullet holes in 5 boats make Kerry’s claim that he ran through “withering” fire for over 2 miles chickenshiit. I. Do. Not. Believe. It.

There is not an official public record that settles this. I want to see the logs from the Swift equivalent of a Tactical Operation Center (TOC). It’s the next higher headquarters operational command net and ours was always manned by an NCO 24/7 and his only function was to note the time/date/synopsis of every radio transmission on the Battalion net. That was the Swift boat’s connection to the rest of the world to tell higher what was happening and yell for help if needed. If a major command had 5 boats in contact with the enemy and not a single one of them notified the commander what was going on, at the minimum he would have taken a strip off their collective ass. And I want them looked at by a reporter with some military experience so that he has a clue as to what he is reading.

Let’s take fishing for an example of what is misread in the Weekly Report you posted previously. You’re going fishing Tuesday afternoon and in preparation you get out your lures and hooks in the morning to sharpen them. In the process you embed one in your finger. You go fishing that afternoon and catch a citation smallie. Your neighborhood puts out a little newspaper of what the residents did during the week. Yours reads, “On Tuesday smike stuck himself with a hook and caught a big fish”. A doofus AP reporter might read that and think you did them both while out on the boat that afternoon, but they were two separate incidents that took place on a single day. That is the problem with looking at a single weekly report and attempting to use it to support Kerry’s claims. Kerry, sign the form 180 and release the records. Trying to defame the guys critical of you isn’t the way to make this go away.

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