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If they vote, that is...

August 30 2004 at 6:02 AM
Octopus  (no login)
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Response to This thing is only just starting


The 20-somethings have better things to do than vote, according to recent elections. I vaguely remember something about sex, drugs and rock-and-roll, and trying to figure out how to survive. It was a long time ago.

The 30-somethings vote more, and it's true they're too young to remember Vietnam directly, but polls show that more of them are in favor of fighting the War On Terror in a forthright way, as opposed to the more-pacifist(horny and hungover) younger crowd. A man who dishonored his fellow vets and lied about his service record for 30 years, who gave aid and comfort to the enemy even while some of our POW's were rotting in rat-infested VC bamboo-cages, like Sen. John McCain, or dying in numbers that are nearly incomprehensible in comparison to the relatively-tiny numbers of casualties suffered in the past three wars(Gulf I, Afghanistan and Iraq)? Is this the next Commander-In-Chief we want, with our country embroiled in a worldwide-conflict against a shadowy, shape-shifting enemy that can strike down Americans within or without our borders at the time of their choosing, unless we keep them perpetually looking over their shoulders, and even then it's impossible to stop every terrorist-attack? A man who wants to suck up to France and the rest of the Old Europe guttersnipes who turned their backs on us, not only when we asked them to help us in bringing down the worst dictator since Hitler, but for years before that, as they secretly cut deals with the Mad Butcher of Baghdad?

I'd rather elect "VC The Flying Dog," and put Kerry back in his running-dog dogcatcher-job, holding up Teddy Kennedy's skirts as he sashays around the Hill in all his bloated, corrupt, limousine-liberal, antebellum splendiferosity.

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