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You ARE the occupier...

October 14 2004 at 2:50 AM
D'Artagnon77  (Login face_off_circle)
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Response to There really are no complaints from the professionals charged with doing the job



.....You know what's shameful, watching Rumsfeld on TV, begging for money, equipment and soldiers from other countries after President Bush started his War Against Iraq...that's what is shameful. President Bush goes against World opinion, invades Iraq and starts a war on a second front, and now that he (President Bush) has put the World at such a risk, he wants the rest of the World to come to the rescue. I like Germany's reply (hopefully others feel the same way), "once the cowboy is out of the Oval Office, we'll definitely contribute to the effort". By the way, this was on AFN, during an update between programming.

.....Also, by the way, with each passing day, there are more and more American soldiers here, some who were in Iraq, these guys are calling Iraq "this generation's Viet Nam" I think you are right, there is more to all of this then what we're getting in the media, though I think it's a lot of the negative that's being left out.

.....As for complaints by the different commanders, hmmm, wonder what the three Commanders (1 Marine and 2 Army) who were in Iraq at the beginning, plus General Sanchez for that matter... I'm pretty sure all were 3-Star Generals, still are, after being passed over, I wonder what they would say if they were free to voice an honest opinion? On the flip side, General Franks is a helluva Commander, at least I thought so given the hour and a bit I spent in his presence. Still, I doubt he'd say anything that would put the mission at risk...D'

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