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Do try to keep current.

December 4 2004 at 3:00 PM
smike  (no login)
from IP address

Response to Ignorance defines every post you make on this subject.


Geezus, do you ever watch the Sunday morning news shows? Kay was interviewed a dozen times when the story broke, long after the outdated report you would cite. He reiterated, on mathewes and King (His story is consiostent) that there was no eveidence to suggest Husiien had weapons of mass destruction after 91 and the stocks of wmds bush was whining about simply did not exist.

Ergo, Hussien must have been conforming to the sanctions you keep whining were so ineffectual but REALITY says were quite effective.

Get over it

You were wrong.

As usual.

Speaking of wrong, how bout President Bush proving your position on Israel full of crap yet again this morning! (you probably missed that to, eh?)

Two states, independent, living in peace, equals!!!!

Just like we in Canada have been demanding since 19 sixty f'n seven!!!!!

That must have hurt, eh? Like getting kicked in the balls, eh? Imagine, an American president JOINING the rest of the world and sticking up for a palestinians rights!!! Probably take just as long for it to sink in to yer dense skull that their Hussien had no weapons of mass destruction nor any AQ links to terrorism and that you, appeasement peon extraodenaire, facillitated the great deception... And that will, undoubtedly, be another kick in the nuts! (of you have any left by then! bwahahahahaha, smikey make joke!)

IN the meantime, you can join the other anti-roadblock chickenhawks and continue to cherish Israels aparthied, even though it is, as said over and over again, the root cause of 911 and terrorism as we know it.

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