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January 24 2005 at 9:26 AM
Sharkalope  (no login)
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Response to Don't bring up my past!

I was the first here to post about BALCO. It was a local story and before the Chronicle picked it up they were talking about it on the Giants board, a year round chat community like this one with over 100 participants. We knew Bonds' trainer was with BALCO. And there were posters who suspected all along Bonds was dirty. If I was afraid of the truth I'd never have 'broken' the story here.

As players reported for Spring Training I also brought over the item re a couple dozen refusing to report, citing "personal reasons". That didn't seem to raise any interest with you. The insiders were saying it was ALL about steroid use, getting the system flushed, and preparing to be tested. Bonds wasn't one of them. (One, maybe two were know to be battling alcohol). The FGJ has evidence that Bonds indeed had been doped. We can speculate as to whether he knowingly lied when he said he was clean. The main point, and I keep having to mention this, is that IF he lied he will have perjured himself before the FGJ. Where is the cut and dried in that? You can be as cock sure as you want. That's your right. This business about me refusing to admit he lied is bull****. Don't bring up your past? You're right I suppose. No need to. History will repeat itself. Because of you, whoever said that will never have to admit they were wrong about the assertion. You're the one out on a limb, still. And I'm not even swearing that he didn't lie! Why would I? My impression, and I've posted enough background on the topic to at least give a basis for my impressions, is that he wasn't lying. We will see if my premise was false.

And will you follow the story? What did you make of those guys who took "personal time". That went down like a phoned in bomb scare or Friday sick-out. All of a sudden guys weren't showing up and they called in with reasons that never went public. Since you care so much about baseball, where were you to pick up on that? And where are you now as pitchers are on steriods? Yup, they're using them too. None of that clears Bonds or waters down his guilt for usage. This is an ongoing problem though. Your work is done with the HR charts and satellite shots of Roswell NM. Now tell me which pitchers are guilty. I mean you can tell with a glance, just from having hung around the neighborhood gym, right? Or you could just wait until all that comes out, if it ever does. If it doesn't I will say I was wrong. I'm marking this spot. I say keep cleaning up the game. Are you up for that or will your interest subside?

Before even deciding on terms of punishment of the guilty, most of the small town columinists seem to be making a b-line for the asterisks, delete buttons, or whatever. So Bonds is supposed to retire forthwith, or (hehe) slink off to Japan. Is this after the lifetime ban from MLB? I would suppose so but at least lay that out first, wouldn't you think? Its good copy---"Go To Japan". So I guess that means lifetime ban for any guilty player, right? I won't say that's unrealistic or unfair, not it this point anyway. For the X% of juiced players for whom the batted ball doesn't travel further---the guys just scrapping to stay in MLB, when does the testing begin in earnest for them? They're the ones who weren't called to the FGJ (although some did..several Giants gave testimony, not just Bonds).

Look Octo, how about I just say Bonds used, knew he was using and lied about it, and I was wrong for ever having implied or said otherwise. I will do that and not even give a ****---you can mark me for an L or as many as you wish. Just weigh in on some of these questions. Its a dilemma for MLB. What will they do? What should they do? What are the reprecussions of any decision they might make, in terms of precedent, grandfathering, consistency? What about the pitchers who have used (or perhaps you need some time with that)? None of these questions are a trap.

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