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Tough calls....

April 12 2005 at 11:14 AM
Octopus  (no login)
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Response to 2 issues

I don't see the need for changing the playoff-format. The playoffs take too long as it is, and this will add another week or two. Nix on this well-meaning nonsense. If you don't make the playoffs, you get to go golfing. Nobody gets hurt, except the owner who failed to hire the right GM and coaches.

The bigger nets will increase the scoring, maybe . The goalies are miffed about it, that's for sure. My feeling is, the bigger nets do nothing to solve the obstruction issue, and may actually worsen it, as the defense will be compelled to tighten up even further.

They need to make the ice surface bigger. Nobody wants to jigger their arenas, but this is the only thing I see that will possibly make a difference. Then, they need to call the obstruction, the way they call it in basketball, a sport I've been watching a lot of lately. You stop the clutch-and-grab, and hooking, and you solve the problem. The refs and players need to be reeducated, to play the looser style, but it could be done, if the league willed and decreed it.

Losing the red line might help, too, but Bowman says it will only lead the NHL'ers to play a safer, "prevent-defense" style. I don't know about that. I think it would be an interesting experiment, for a season. What can it hurt?

As for the replay being introduced in baseball, I think the idea sucks. Baseball is partly about the umpires, and their various strike-zones and tendencies. Arguing with the umpires is a long and noble tradition, as is getting tossed for kicking dirt on the ump's shoes, or spitting tobaccy juice on him "accidentally."

They need to leave the grand old game alone. Get rid of the steroid goons, re-introduce the game to the inner-cities, and prepare for the rise from the ashes of the Detroit Tigers franchise.

Speaking of steroids...notice how nobody's suing Canseco? You'd think he'd be inundated with process servers. What happened to Rafael Palmiero's suit?
At the cleaners, I guess.

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