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May 7 2005 at 2:52 PM
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I decided to take a break from posting on this site and finish up a couple of music projects I put on hold for the past couple of years.

Where do I begin? Hmmm. Well, last weekend was Orthodox Easter, and my brother and his wife flew down from DC to visit the family in Texas. Let's just say that both of them are liberal Democrats. As I was giving them a walking tour of downtown Fort Worth on a sunny Saturday afternoon, my sister-in-law took a couple of cheap shots at me for supporting the war in Iraq. She started off by saying, "I'm surprised that an intelligent person like you would...". I stopped her in mid-sentence and told her that I wasn't interested in discussing politics. But, she had already primed the pump, and went on to berate me for supporting the "lies that sent our boys to Iraq to kill innocent Iraqis for oil". To which I replied: "No. We sent them to kill Muslims for Jesus. Happy Easter." She actually thought I was being serious. I then went on to ask her why she wasn't outraged at Clinton's chickenshiit bombing of Iraq in what was an obvious ploy to deflect attention way from Blowjobgate. I asked if she respected Clinton's bombing of a country whose people had been sufferring terrible economic hardships under the UN sanctions regime. I followed that up by asking if she agreed with the resoultion Clinton signed into law that called for the removal of Saddam Hussein from power. Silence. I finshed by saying that I viewed the War in Iraq as one of many fronts in the larger (cultural) War on Terror, and that Saddam's regime had to be removed. Thankfully that put an end to the conversation, and we happily went about the rest of the day.

Over the last two days, I've become even more disgusted with the anti-Bush slant of the MSM, particularly the AP. Yesterday, they practically gloated about Blair's loss of support in the House of Commons and predicted that he would eventually capitulate to the "public's desire" for a timeline for withdrawing British troops. What kind of mad morons do we have in the press, these days? Today, I read another AP story that quoted some academic about Bush's criticism of the Yalta Conference as he was speaking in Latvia. He said Bush was merely giving voice to the far right, who opposed the handover of the Baltic states to Russia. WTF!!! If the opposition to a decision that ultimatley led to the enslavement of a people is considered "far right" by academics, what the hell do they think Lincoln was? The founding father of the KKK???!!!!

Welllll. I'm back on the bike, again. Hopefully I'll have more time to post later on.

Go Mavs!

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