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June 29 2005 at 10:49 AM
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Response to Same-Sex bill passed

And A-men to it being over (no pun intended). Right from when debate on this gained major momentum some months ago, my only opinion on it was that there are much more important issues to tackle.

I posted a few weeks ago how I felt on the issue. Homosexuals should have the same legal rights as heterosexuals who want to commit to a legally bound relationship, but the government should keep its hands out of forcing religions to change their policies on it... much the same way we try to keep religion out of law - well, at least as much as we can.

I've also always said I have not studied the proposed bill as to what exactly it means, and/or what rights currently exist for gays in Canada. The CBC website has a timeline on significant gay rights events in the country which I found quite interesting, especially with how we will see things play out on the political stage. It's funny, how just two years ago the Liberal government was spending our taxes fighting homosexuals in court to keep the definition of marriage between a man and woman. It wasn't until Chretien starting trying to carve his beloved legacy that he changed official policy to introduce same-sex marriage. He did it just before he was set to retire, leaving Paul Martin with a nice mess. At least Martin had the balls to see it through... although it actually worked best for him as he uses it to brand the Conservatives as bigots... I wonder what he calls the 35-40 Liberal MPs who oppose it?

But getting back to the CBC timeline, it reminded me what I've been trying to tell people enraged at the Conservatives all along... it's not as if gays are an oppressed people anymore. They technically have all the legal rights one needs to protect themselves in a serious committed relationship (ie: property sharing, retirement planning, tax treatment, etc.). Unfortunately, our previous government and legal supremes have fought homosexuals every step of the way, which leads me to believe this fight has been not much more than a fight to get recognition and stick it in some peoples' and religions' faces. Also unfortunate is that Harper is making such a big deal about this, because in effect it does not change a hell of a lot, if anything, in peoples' lives. I saw an interesting article yesterday on a gay couple who have been living common law and can't understand why people are going through so much trouble to pass a bill that won't grant them many or any more rights than they already have.

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