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Boy,he sure did!

July 19 2005 at 10:37 PM
Octopus  (no login)
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Response to I like the terminology Gen. Rick Hillier uses

That's the stuff, General! Loved some of his lines in that little statement, such as the one about WWII:

He pointed out that during the Second World War, Canadian soldiers did not shy away from fighting the Nazis.

"Did they say, 'No we might be attacked over here if we actually stand up against those despicable murderers and bastards?' No, they did not," Gen. Hillier said.

Because I watch a lot of CBC News, and read the Toronto papers, I can only imagine what the leftists are saying about the General's harsh, judgemental language.

From a Canadian Press story I just read on Yahoo:

The Polaris Institute, a left-leaning think tank based in Ottawa, said Friday the defence minister needs to "clarify" Hillier's "very alarming" comments.

"His use of epithets such as 'scumbags' and 'killers' is reminiscent of language used by (U.S.) President (George W.) Bush and U.S. Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld," said project director Steven Staples.

Taken alongside recent defence policy changes and an increase in the defence budget, Staples said they "show an unmistakable trend toward the Americanization of the Canadian Forces."

Jurgutis noted that Canada was already listed as a terrorist target and he doubted Hillier's comments would change matters.

Al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden declared Canada a "legitimate target" in March 2004.

Adrian Gordon, executive director of the Centre for Emergency Preparedness, gave a qualified endorsement of Hillier's blunt talk.

"Part of me agrees with that, part of me says that's true," Gordon said in an interview from Burlington, Ont.

"But at the same time, if we're really going to deal with this problem and have a hope of putting an end to terrorism, then we have to work towards understanding the root causes, which go much deeper than current events in Iraq and Afghanistan."

Heheheh! Yes, we must work to understand those root causes. Then, root them out and kill the insane bastards, who have made it more than abundantly clear that they will settle for nothing less than a global caliphate, with the most extreme, fundamentalist form of Islam in control.

You only have to look at the Muslim countries, to see that the most wacked-out religious zealots always turn violent, in pursuit of their medieval ideal. Women in bags, beaten, raped and "honor-killed" at the whim of the men in power. Boys and little girls used as sexual playthings, on the side, as the men preserve the honor and sexual-purity of their sisters and daughters, when they aren't raping them bloody. NO freedom of thought or education, except for the elite, wealthy few at the top.

People who compare the often-rapacious, hypocritical Christian Right Wing preachers of the US with these sick mullahs, are totally clueless, like the ones comparing Pres. Bush with Hitler(D'Artagnon), or the terrorists with the American Revolution's "Minutemen" (Mikey Moore). Apples and oranges, or maybe it's apples and dried figs, I don't know.

Btw, I came across a fine Canadian blog, while researching this story. Check out the bit about the Canadian Miss Universe's treatment, in contrast to the way "alternative" darlings are embraced and celebrated! Yikes.

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