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I'm not talking about Iraqis that Americans are killing...

August 25 2005 at 3:24 PM
D'Artagnon77  (no login)
from IP address

Response to Iraqi lives


.....Because of American soldiers presense in Iraq, Iraqis are getting a chance to live...the price for this is the lives of American soldiers that President Bush is willing to other words, President Bush is trading American lives so that Iraqis can live. I'm sure your President doesn't care more for Iraqis than he does for American soldiers, but on a daily basis, many more American soldiers continue to be killed. As stated previously, yeah, President Bush beat Saddam Hussein, but he has not stopped the terror. And with each passing day, more Iraqis continue to wage terror against the US presense in Iraq, kill one, two more step up to the fight. Kill 10, 100 more are willing to take their places. Thing is, it's not new for you, many Iraqis don't care if they live, or if they die for Allah killing Americans. The Iraqis who hate the US are more than willing to die, just as long as they can take some of your soldiers with them. You know this, I know this... President Bush certainly knows this, yet, he continues to sacrifice American soldiers to advance HIS cause.

.....I don't disagree there's a majority of American people who support the War on Terror, but there's not a majority of American people who support the War Against Iraq. And I know, you, and Octo...and some others often refer to these Americans who do not support the same ideas as you, as "morons", which just adds to how sad this really is, 'cause you (and the likes of Octo) are even more quick to turn on Americans who do not share your ideas, than you are to turn on Iraqis who disagree with an American presense in Iraq.

.....President Bush continues his agenda in Iraq, hoping for that Hail Mary pass that some day there will be peace in Iraq, that Iraq will have a full-fledged American democracy in place...hoping that some day Iraqis will "love" America. But as much as you try to cram your ideologies down their throats, the more they will continue hate you for it. And while President Bush continues his agenda in Iraq, America and Americans are becoming more and more divided over this issue, and though most of the time it's only an exchange of words, or the mother of a dead soldier protesting the President, there's a real line in the sand between those who agree with President Bush advancing his agenda in Iraq, and those who disagree with him.

....Yes, a large part of those you are fighting come from Iran, Yeman and Syria...but the battlefield is Iraq. Iran's not suffering because of this. Nor is Yeman or Syria. The people paying the price is Iraqis, and AMERICAN SOLDIERS! The Iranians, Yemans and Syrians do not care how many Iraqis die, in fact, the more the better, because with each Iraqis killed, regardless who does the killing, it's easy to blame the US, US soldiers, President Bush...anybody but themselves, cause they are fighting FOR the Iraqis, at least in Iraqi eyes. It doesn't matter if American soldiers are doing good over there, cause regardless of how this turns out, Iraqis will never side with America over their Muslim and Arab's not going to happen. There's a saying over there, "in a fight, it's me against my brother, then it's my brother and I against my cousin, then it's my cousins and my family against my neighbour, then it's my neighbour and my family against the next neighbour...and so on and so on." In other words, way before Iraqis side with the US, they'll be siding with every other country surrounding Iraq who are fighting against the US.

.....DA, there are small battles that the US will win over in Iraq, but in the big battle, fighting every Arab and Muslim who is willing to go to Iraq and fight Americans, President Bush will continue to sacrifice a lot more American soldiers. So again, President Bush will continue to trade American soldiers lives for Iraqi lives. Sorry, but I just can't support killing more American soldiers so more Iraqis can live to hate America even more...D'

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