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No. Retention is signing your name to the paper again

October 7 2005 at 9:41 AM
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Response to Is the economy doing well???...


it's not just not being allowed to leave service. I posted earlier stats from units that have seen heavy rotation into Iraq exceeding retention goals up to 130%. That suggests to me that the soldiers that are most involved in Iraq, the ones that are most familiar with the good being accomplished are staying in to finish the job. Those of us that get our news from a press that writes stories without ever leaving a hotel in Baghdad or that tells us about recruiting shortfalls without including in the story the important context that the goals were increased for this year will naturally have a more pessimistic view.

Yes, the economy is doing well. Great actually. All indicators are up save the Dow. There is little or no inflation. The unemployment figures just rose, rose, to 5.1%. Even in the heady Clinton economic days the umemployment rate was 5.4%. In one case, a press with an agenda tells you that 5.4 is great. Later, that same press tells you that 5.1 is crappy. The up and down consumer confidence figures reflect the filter that the economic news is filtered through.

National Review is a conservative magazine and website. I usually try to indentify if someone I link to is right or left so that you ferriners have some perspective on what you're reading. If you post something from The Maple Leaf Foundation I won't have a clue who they are or their political perspective is unless you tell me.

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