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November 29 2005 at 9:19 AM
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Response to Another Liberal stronghold

I like the phrase, "impeccably corrupt." And, of course, Martin's repeated assertions, that "Canada was the conscience of the world." Begs the question, "Who is the conscience of Paul Martin?"

This guy is slightly on the angry side of the argument, but what do you expect from a blog entitled "Cold Fury?"

The points he makes about the tenuous "Conservative Coalition" in Canada are good ones. It's hard to see that hanging together, from here. Not with what I hear on CBC, and read in Toronto newspaper editorials.

The idea that a country can be the "World's Conscience," or even the most impartial of moral authorities in international affairs, is totally absurd in light of the world war we are fighting against Islamofascism. The terrorists don't give a flying, bloody Hebe about any Western "moral authority," any more than they respect the authority of the Vatican, or the Dalai Lama.


Oh, No, Canada!

Posted on Monday 28 November 2005

The Liberal government of Canada, headed by the impeccably corrupt Paul Martin, has been subjected to a “no confidence” vote and will be forced to face an election soon, within a month or three. The pseudo scandals surrounding George Bush are nothing compared to the real, legitimate corruption that has covered Martin in slime.

I’m not optimistic about any changes occurring – the votes of nervous Members of Parliament, concerned about their electoral fate, don’t necessarily coincide with the votes of a fat and happy public, greedy for more social benefits. Moreover, the alleged conservatives in Canada aren’t anything of the sort we’d recognize here in the U.S., except for their fratricidal urges, and for the Alliance folks from Western Canada, who do a pretty good impression of conservative Christian libertarian types of the sort you might find in Idaho or rural Georgia. Making things really interesting, the conservatives have managed to derail Martin’s government only by including in their coalition the Bloc Quebecois, the left leaning Quebec separatist party. It’s hard to say whether this coalition – eastern country club Conservatives, western Christian / leave me alone conservatives, and cranky French liberals, will hold together long enough to dethrone Martin.

Interestingly, C-SPAN radio carried Martin’s resignation speech / campaign opener. Aside from the first impression, which was that Mr. Martin is a smug, petulant little bastard, I was most struck by his collossal arrogance. He declared repeatedly that Canada was the conscience of the world.

The arrogance. The hubris. No nation or person with a legitimate claim of this nature, a claim to be a global moral authority of some sort, would ever voice such a claim. Mother Theresa, conscience of the world? Maybe. Bob Geldof? No way, but nice try. Pope John Paul? Yeah, possibly. The nation of Canada? Please. Moreover, the former would be wayyyy too modest to stand up and claim moral authority over the world. The conscience of the world? More like the conscience of my ass.

The next time you see an article about Canadian media or political criticism of the “arrogant cowboy” in the White House, please, don’t bother forwarding it to me. Canada, at least its liberals, wouldn’t know arrogant if arrogant bit them in the ass then danced around them in circles wearing a sandwich board saying “Hey Everybody! I’m a Thoroughly Arrogant ****stick!” As far as I’m concerned, anybody other than God who claims to be the world’s moral authority is utterly full of ****, and if “Canada = World’s Moral Authority” is the official government line, than Canada can no longer be taken seriously, it’s as delusional as a late stages Alzheimer’s patient. Pretty sad, for a nice country that I love, that used to punch a couple classes above its weight in military, economic and world political matters. I love Canada, I like many Canadians, and I have visited that lovely country frequently in the past. I still think warmly of the country, but frankly, I’d just as soon not think about it for a while if Martin’s sentiments are shared by the majority of Canadian folks. It seems to be a more dangerous delusion than the wishful thinking that causes the U.S. to try to gift democracy to Afghans and Iraqis.

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