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I like Rudy...

November 30 2007 at 9:30 PM
Octopus  (no login)
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Response to Or wrinkly old news readers.


Fred just doesn't seem like a serious candidate. There's nothing wrong with being a man who changes directions in life, but there's something about his campaign that seems a bit half-hearted. Maybe he took too long to jump into the fray. Maybe he's just a lackluster candidate. I think it's the latter.

McCain is all over the place, the original live-wire candidate. He's going to implode at some point, if he ever gets up enough momentum to matter this time around. I think his moment has come and gone, in the national limelight. He dies understand the war better than anyone, although I think Rudy is pretty close.

Romney is a Mormon, and probably unelectable. Not because people like me are prejudiced against Mormons, although I am a little creeped out by the Magic Mormon Underwear™, and the rest of their wacky religious fable. I could get past that, but I doubt if the Christian Right can.

Rudy has more charisma than any other candidate, on either side. I'm not entirely comfortable with his lack of experience in national and international politics, but there've been a lot of Presidents with less, who learned on the job. I could live with him, I think. I think he could beat Hillary in one-on-one debates, as well. Who's more likable? It's not even close.

I've just noticed Huckabee, though, like most Americans. He's gaining momentum like a son-of-a-gun, but he might stall out, too. Just can't tell yet. I like his alliance and video with Chuck Norris, though. Future Secretary Of Defense Chuck Norris, I mean.

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