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  • Flip Flop Falluja Dubya.
    • smike (no login)
      Posted Apr 29, 2004 9:56 PM

      You want to talk about flip floppingm, lets talk about tyhe master insetad of smome anklebiting chickenhawk crap posted from the core of the coop.

      Read the MAN'S citations, missy, that is and was the determining factor. Twenty confirmed kills, shrapnel in his leg to this day, a hero medal for jumping into the snake infested mekong to fetch one of his dying brethren...

      Screw you and screw all of those gutless bastards who would cast dispersions upon the MAN or the medals. Cause black and white is not a MYTH, and balls like that are something Dubya can only dream about. Kerry wants wants to heave them in the crapper, thats his right, a right he earned when he earned the medals, through valour!!!!

      Cause one thing is certain, he never flip flopped in COMBAT!!!! He beached his boat and advanced, manno el manno. Just the klind of guy to deal with bastards like bin Laden, but, like all yer fine featehred friends, the logic clearly escapes you. You'd rather whine about some irrelevant thing that happened three decedes ago instead of address the current.

      Like Dubyas most recent one hundred and eighty degree flip flop in falluja. That after a week of incredible flip flops, starting with his begging the UN to come in a rescue him and then his reversal of decades of Ameerican policy in Isreal. Yes, falluja, where, after mouthing off like a chicken hawk for the last week and a half on how justice for four dead contract security gurads would be served, How the US army would be resolute, after a hundred and seventeen (is there more, it so hard to keep current) dead Americans, he pull yet another one hundred and eighty degree flip flop out of his oversized stetson and decides to CUT AND RUN!!!

      He's going to turn over security over to an All Iraqui force commanded by a f'n BATHIST, a former GOVERNOR in addition to General! They are going to bring the bastards responsible for torching and hanging the four mercenaries to justice. Riiight, tell me the gov'nr shouldnt be rotting in a prison waiting his turns for crimes against humanity. Ole Saddam handpicked those goobers personally, Dubya's newest puppet knew exactly what was going on, he passed the Hussien test. Now the bastard is getting a free ride because Bush has decided the death toll is to political, to high in an election year....

      Can you believe that? A hundred dead Americans on the field of battle, the objective unmet and he's bailing?

      The iraqui army??? They are going to rescue the US Marines?

      The same one the CPA, just last week, claimed to be totally infiltrated and over forty percent untrustworthy, the same army which just sustained a SECOND mutiny? Like what the F is that? Admitting the US Marines can't handle the job? Or is he saying the iraquis have better troops then the US Army? Pffffffffffft! The crazies win, the iraqi army will not take down those responsible for over a hundred dead Americans let alone the bastards who hung the corpses on the bridge and torched them. To think the new iraqi army are even capable, or even INTEReSTED is ludicrous, an act of sheer desperation.

      And instead of addressing the biggest flip flop of the war, the chicken coop' whining about who's ribbons and medals a real, bonafide hero flipped over the white house fence thirty years ago during a period wherein Amwerica was engaged in another war they cannot win.

      Buddy should go crawl under a rock.

      You to, Copy and paste a clue.
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