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77 SQN Halifax S-Sugar

September 28 2003 at 1:42 PM
Phil  (Login Phil857)
from IP address

Does anyone out there have any details on 77 Sqn (Elvington)Halifax V, S - Sugar (LK 710 - Coded KNS)shot down of Laon on 22 April 1944. Pilot was Sqn. Ldr. Bond (Killed in Crash). Would be particularly interested in crash site in France - close to Fere en Tardois. Photos of A/C before crash at Elvington etc. Thanks

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September 28 2003, 2:37 PM 

Ser No: LK710
Manufacturer: Fairey Aviation Co Ltd
Contract No: ACFT/891
Req No: HA1/E11/41
Delivery: Batch LK680 to LK711 delivered between 11/10/43 & 20/11/43
Order Qty: 96 B/Met Mk V's
First Unit: 77 Sqn

Sqn: 77sqn
Unit Codes: KN-S
Base: Elvington

Date: 23/04/1944
Target: Laon
Time Up: 22:20hrs

Left base without incident, to attack rail yards at Laon, France. Aircraft was shot down from height of 7000ft by enemy night fighter (Ju88?), which raked the Halifax from aft to fore and from directly below (probably Schrage Musik?) as no one on board saw it! A/C crashed approx 5km due East of Soissons in the department of Aisne, approximately 25km S.W of it's target of Laon. Sqn Ldr Bond was sadly killed and is buried in Clinchy New Communal Cemetery, remainder of crew baled out, one was subsequently captured & taken pow, the remainder evaded capture.

Sqn Ldr K. F. P. Bond Killed
Sgt V. H. Clarke Evd
P/O C. W. Hobgen Pow
P/O J. A. Grimer Evd
F/Sgt R. E. Johnson Evd
F/O M. A. Mason Evd
F/O W. A. Jacks Evd

Photo's: Nearest comparisons: LK688 or LK725


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November 3 2005, 11:30 AM 

Hello Ian:

The name for the Flight Engineer on this aircraft should be:

Victor Henry CLARE - not Clarke.

I am conducting research into his career - he was awarded the DFM for the events that led to the loss of this Halifax and his resulting evasion. I would be very intersted to know more of the nights events and have been trying to identify the Luftwaffe crew who shot them down with magnificent help from members of other forums and databases. I did not realise how difficult this would become and I am still unable to identify them.

With kind regards - Malcolm.

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Phil Froom
(Login Phil857)

Vic Clare

March 29 2006, 11:11 PM 


I am researching the same crew, would appreciate exchanging notes sometime?



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John Southern
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John Arthur Grimer

April 9 2012, 11:50 AM 

J.A.Grimer did not evade when the Halifax was shot down. He was badly wounded and taken POW. See my book JOHN GRIMER being the story of a wartime RAF Officer & a popular School Teacher at Looe, 2009, a copy can be seen at Elvington Museum, or I can supply you with a copy, still in print.

Crew of ill-fated Halifax S-Sugar (Serial Number LK710)-
Kenneth Bond, pilot; Charles Hobgen (later Group Captain), navigator; John Grimer, bomb-aimer; Johnny "Bob" Johnson, wireless operator; Jock Mason (a Scot), mid upper gunner; Jack Waddilove, tail gunner (was ill so he was replaced by William Jack (is he still alive - in Australia ?); & Victor H.Clare, DFM., flight engineer.
Regards John Southern. Saw John Grimer Easter 2012when I spent the afternoon with him, he was very well.

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mark waddilove
(Login markwww)


December 14 2012, 8:58 PM 

Ive just discovered this site and would like to mention that Jack Waddilove was my dad.He never spoke of his time during the war only to mention that he was deeply saddened at the loss o of the crew that he flew with especialy Sqn Ldr Bond.As has been mentioned my dad was not on that mission due to illness and I know that the terrible news devasted him.I still have his flying jacket and flight mission book and would gladly commuicate with anyone that knew of him during those times

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Halifax LK710

April 9 2012, 7:21 PM 

Hi Ian,

The following extract can be found in Theo Boiten's 'Nachtjagd War Diaries Vol 2'

Oblt.Johannes Hager: 19 6./NJG1 Halifax S.S.W. Laon: 2.000 m. 00.16 77 Sqn Halifax LK710

The Nachtjäger entered the bomber stream over the target, staying with the bombers on their homeward route and claiming a total of 11 Abschüsse before the force headed out by way of Calais. Oblt. Hager, St.Kpt. of 6./NJG1, flying in Bf110 G-4 G9+HP, fired a burst of 40 rounds from his Schräge Musik into the fuselage and port wing of a 77 Squadron Halifax; the ace witnessed how his adversary was engulfed in flames before it exploded into three large pieces at a height of 1000 m to the SSW of Laon.


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Mike Varley
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Information on LK710 loss & S/Ldr Bond

April 28 2012, 4:59 PM 

I am a veteran member of the '77 Squadron RAF Association" amd run their web site.

Within the last week I have been contacted by S/Ldr Kenneth Bond's daughter, living in Australia, who was born after his death. She was seeking any information on the circumstances surrounding his wartime career and death. S/Ldr Bond's widow is still alive, although aged 92 and blind.

Whilst I have been able to put together quite a lot from association sources anything more would be welcome.

I am also pretty sure she and her family would like to get in touch with any surviving members of the crew such as John Grimer.

I knew Charles Hobgen, the navigator , but he died about 10 years ago.

Unfortunately our association historian also died a couple of years ago and although he left a mass of material none of it is indexed, neither was he computer literate.

I live in Surrey and my mobility is now restriced , the association and most of its records based on the YAM at Elvington. near York.

Regards Mike Varley ( former navigator with 77 during 1944)

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Francis J Grimer
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77 SQN Halifax S-Sugar

October 27 2005, 7:07 AM 

My brother, Pilot Officer John Arthur Grimer (who is still alive and living in Looe, Cornwall, was in fact taken prisoner by the Germans since he had a cannon shell though his leg and needed hospital treatment.

The hospital he was in was overrun by the Yanks whose excellent medical treatment managed to save his leg.

My brother subsequently served on the War Graves Commission before being demobbed.

Francis Grimer

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Phil Froom
(Login Phil857)

77 Sqn. S-Sugar

March 29 2006, 11:13 PM 


Sorry I did not get back to you sooner. I have communicated with John - He is a truly Fine Gentleman!


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November 3 2005, 11:33 AM 

PHIL - I have responded to this message with Ians name. Sorry for this. With kind regards - Malcolm.

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January 28 2010, 10:39 PM 


Are you still out there? I lost your contact details, if you could drop me a line Id like to talk about LK710 again.

Many thanks

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(Login malcolmjwilson)

Re: LK-710

February 1 2010, 8:22 PM 

Hello Phil,

I have sent you an email with new address.

Kind regards, Malcolm.

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Arthur T Angell
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Trained together

March 4 2017, 7:50 PM 

Hello, Vic and I trained together during WW2 and I have a carbon copy of his escape story he gave me before he was killed. Some of the things you mention on the computer would no doubt be in his story. Would you please telephone me so that we could talk about it because typing is difficult for me. I am in a retirement home and the address is 18 Plains Rd West Burlington Ontario L7TOB3 my telephone number is 905 633 6049.

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