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102 Sqn Pocklington

November 13 2003 at 9:00 PM
Anonymous  (Login jonshell)
from IP address

Hi folks, this is a copy of a post i've just put on another Halifax forum, so apologies to those who have already seen it. I am looking for any info regarding a 102 Sqn Halifax Mk111 based at RAF Pocklington in 1944. I've asked before without much success, but i'm hoping something may turn up. I know the code letters were DY-C and the serial no was MZ300. This aircraft survived the war and was struck off charge on 20th March 1947. I believe it also flew with 77 and 10 Sqns but I don't know when or what its code letters would have been. Between June and Aug 44 with A flight 102 sqn the pilot was a Flt Sgt Adams (possibly Alfred F Adams)and the Flight Engineer was a Sgt E. Moore (1493595).
Any info on this aircraft or its crew (especially Sgt Moore who was at 1652 HCU Marston Moor from Feb to June 44) would be appreciated. Any photos especially welcome. (I have access to a scanner and so could borrow, copy, and return any photos).

Please help if poss. I live in Liverpool and have no chance of getting to Kew in the forseeable future.

Thanks..... Jon Shelley

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Tim cope
(no login)

regarding W/o A F Adams

November 22 2003, 5:50 PM 

I have been gathering info on 102 squadron for research on a book. I have some bits and bobs on the crew. let me know your email I will be glad to send you the bit through.

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Jon Shelley
(Login jonshell)

102 Sqn

November 27 2003, 6:38 AM 

Hi, my email is as follows....

Any info however small would be appreciated.

Thanks Jon

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Mark Petersen
(Login marcus50)

Re: 102 Sqn

January 26 2004, 6:59 AM 

Jon my father was a 102 Squadron pilot joined the squadron in December 44 and flew 20 missions between then and 25 April 45.
Flew DY - J Mark VI Halifax for most ops.

Dad is stll alive and well and I am sure would be happy to help you if he could.

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Tim Cope
(no login)

Re: Re: 102 Sqn

January 26 2004, 8:03 PM 

Did your father fly on the raid to Madgeburg 16.01.45 if he did I would love to hear his account. Because I have written a book following the life of one Halifax Bomber from May 1944 to 16th Jan 1945 when she failed to return any info would be appreciated.
Many thanks

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Mark Petersen
(no login)

Re: Re: Re: 102 Sqn

January 26 2004, 9:22 PM 

My Father was on B flight and did not go to Madgeburg. His first raid in January was 28th to Stuttgart (in a Mark III MZ694)

He then went on raids on 2,7,13 and 21 Feb with the 21 Feb raid being the first in the Mark VI Halifax.

He has his log and details of the raids but not sure that it will be of help to you.


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Jon Shelley
(Login jonshell)

Re: Re: Re: Re: 102 Sqn

January 30 2004, 1:23 PM 


Great to hear from you. I'm going to email you shortly about 102 sqn. Any info your Dad would like to pass on would be greatly appreciated.


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Jon Shelley
(Login jonshell)

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: 102 Sqn

January 30 2004, 1:27 PM 

Note for Tim,

Tim i emailed you a while ago reference your offer of information (see earlier posts). Did you ever receive it? If not the request still stands (please).

Thanks in advance Jon

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(Login dennis8)


November 28 2009, 5:32 PM 

Hi Mark,
I see your notes on site saying that your father flew with 102 and would be great if he knew my father Geofrey Barnard Briggs who may also be known as "Bishy". Any information would be great.
Kind Regards

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Richard Clack
(no login)

Re: regarding W/o A F Adams

May 19 2008, 12:28 PM 

Hi Tim,

I realise this was posted a number of years ago, but I was wondering if you had any information regarding my uncle.
He as a F/Sgt who died on a raid to Germany on 26/6/43. He is buried in a cemetary in Florennes, Belguim. His name is Mathew Henry Clack, but I believe he was known as Harry.
I am just begining some research and would appreciate any help as to any relevant sources of information.

Thanks in anticipation

Richard Clack

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Bill Leyland
(no login)

Sgt M.H. Clack

July 23 2012, 4:15 PM 

This is a response to an old message and you probably have all this now, but I thought I'd offer it up anyways as I am an active associate member of 102(Ceylon) Squadron. In the squadron history it states that Sgt M.H. Clack was an Air Gunner aboard Halifax III DY-Q airframe number JD144 on a mission to Wuppertal. It isn't stated wether it was flak or fighter that caused them to crash but crash they did and all but two were killed. Harrys Pilot was Sgt KRW Sheppard - KIA, his Navigator was Sgt AG Tovey - KIA, his Wireless Operator was Sgt F.A. Gettings - KIA, his Air Gunner pal was Sgt JJ McDonald - KIA, the Engineer was Sgt C Rushton - PoW and his Bomb Aimer Sgt WR Cole was also a PoW.
Sgt Sheppard is buried at Fosse(S.W. Namur)Belgium and Sgt Tovey is buried at Antwerp. The others are buried at Florennes.
The date you stated was 26/6/1943 but I have it as 24/6/43. Harrys plane was one of two lost from the squadron on this mission.
More info and interesting 102 Sqdrn stuff can be found on the squadron website at

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(no login)

Re: regarding W/o A F Adams

October 8 2013, 12:07 PM 

i know this was a number of years ago, but did you get any info, as my uncle was killed 26/6/ 1943

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Jon Clare
(no login)

Robert Joshua Reynolds, 102 Squadron

January 15 2011, 11:41 PM 


Do you know anything of my late grandfather, Robert Joshua Reynolds, who served as a navigator in 102 squadron. I believe he served in both 1942 and 1944.

Thank you,


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Mark Haselden
(Login marko74)

102 sqdn

January 20 2011, 6:49 PM 

Just read your post on the forum and see you have some bits and bobs regarding 102 sqdn, just wondering if you have anything from 1943 around March ? My grandad was posted to this sqdn.
Would be very gratefull for a response as i am struggling to gather any info further than his 543 service record from the R A F...thanks, Mark Haselden.

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P Williams
(no login)

Pilot Officer F J Williams Halifax navigator 102 Squadron POW Stalag Luft III

May 18 2012, 11:43 AM 

The above RAF officer was my father in law. Interested in giving/receiving any information on WWII service.

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Bill Leyland
(no login)

PO FJ Williams

July 23 2012, 6:13 PM 

The squadron book states that his plane was thought to have been shot down by a night fighter near the target - Hannover, on 22/9/43. He was the Navigator aboard Halifax III HX154 DY-K along with FS J Hanby Pilot - PoW, Sgt A Taylor WOp - PoW, Sgt R Maund Air Gunner - KIA,FS F Windmill (Aus) Airgunner PoW, Sgt H Edlin Engineer - PoW and Sgt C Anderton Bomb Aimer - PoW. His PoW number was 2639.
Flight Sergeant J Hanby,Flight Sergeant F Windmill, Segeant H Edlin and Sergeant A Taylor were all interred at L6 & 357 (Heydekrug & Kopernikus) and Sergeant C Anderton was in Heydekrug & Belaria.
The 102 book has this quote from Sgt Alec Taylor;
"During the bombing of Hannover on the 22nd of September 1943m my aircraft was coned and whilst the skipper was making strenuous efforts to escape the beams, the starboard inner engine over-revved. Whether this was caused by flak or night fighter, we were not aware. The engine would not feather and eventually the propeller came off and scythed through the nose of the Halifax. The fuse panel was blown out and all electrical equipment in the aircraft failed.
The Navigator plotted a course for home and with the aid of a torch held by me, the pilot was able to turn onto this. however a fire broke out in the damaged engine and we were ordered to bale out. I was caght in the vicinity of Hameln three days later and eventually taken by the Germans to see what they assumed were the remains of my aircraft. They were in fact correct as a flying boot, belonging to our rear gunner, was lying beside the aircraft and his body was visible, protruding from the rear escape hatch. As I had lost a boot on the way down, I wore that boot for the duration of my internment".

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Steve Morley
(no login)

F/Sgt Gordon Babbage

July 4 2012, 3:42 PM 

My Father-in-Law F/Sgt Gordon Babbage was a rear gunner on 102 Squadron at Pocklington from March 43 until end Nov 43 carrying out a total of 26 ops. His pilot was Sgt Carey (later F/lt) and they were part of B and C flight of 102 during this time.

After 102 he did 2 ops with 100 Squadron and then went to 156 PFF Squadron where he did another 21 ops.

We have his log book and some pictures of his time in the RAF, and are looking for any further info anyone may have. Can anyone help?

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Royston Smith
(Login Dannemois)

Halifax MZ289

February 15 2014, 3:48 PM 

I am new to the forum and I am looking for any info regarding a 102 Sqn Halifax Mk111 based at RAF Pocklington in 1944. My understanding is the aircraft crashed whilst on a training flight on 17 Sept 1944. Can you help with any information

Regards, Roy

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Nico Timmer
(Login nicotimmer)

Halifax B MK III MZ 652/DY-2

March 12 2014, 5:44 PM 

I saw a monument last week at a distance of 1,5 mile from my house. It is a propellor and on that there are photo's from:
Flying Officer WJH Rushforth Canada
Flying Officer AV Maxwell Canada
Pilot Officer NW Amstein Canada
Pilot Officer LWJ McKenna Canada
Sgt P Stamper England
Sgt EO Walker Scotland
Sgt RW Peel England

It sais that the plane wa shot down in this area on june 17 1944 and that they are buries at the Reichswald Forest War Cemetery,
Sorry for my English

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(Login coeurdelion)

percey stamper

November 10 2016, 9:07 PM 

Hi new to the forum and seen your post
My grand dad Percy was on the plane could you please e mail me any photos of the propellor and men
I live in France ,where is the monument please
Thanks David

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