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July 26 2004 at 9:37 PM
mike  (no login)
from IP address

Does anyone know if any books of 78sqn history exist?

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Mike Fairclough
(no login)

There is a book!!

August 15 2004, 11:09 PM 

The book is called "Nobody Unprepared." you can purchase it from this website: and look under the RAF section, then squadron memoirs section and you should find it.

Great book, has pictures, mission to mission during WW2 described in a lot of detail and is a great read - enjoy!!

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(no login)

Re: 78sqn

November 18 2004, 1:22 PM 

I am interested in the history of 78 Sqdn during WW2 as my great uncle served with them. He was killed on 12 June 1943 in Halifax JD145. I have been trying to research him, and had some luck so far.

I recently purchased a book from ebay from someone who served in 78 Sqdn, it's called Terror by Night and it's by Michael Renault DFC. They seem to come up on there every once in a while as this was the second one I bid on.

You might be interested in it, good luck!

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Ian F
(Login NA337)

Halifax JD145

November 18 2004, 6:09 PM 

MANUFACTURER: English Electric Co Ltd, Preston
REQUISITION No: 116/E11/39
DELIVERY DETAILS: Batch JD143 to JD180 delivered between 07/05/43 & 28/05/43

1st UNIT: 78 Sqn - 78 Sqn
BASE: Linton-on-Ouse

DATE: 13/06/43
TARGET: Bochum
TIME UP: 22:57hrs

.Left base without incident. Presumed lost over the sea, near to the Dutch coast. Five of the crew
(including Sgt Jordan, who came from the Bahamas) are commemorated on the Runnymede memorial,
while Sgt Payne rests on Schiermonnikoog in Vredenhof Cemetery, and Sgt Wright is buried on
Terschelling, in Westerschelling General Cemetery.

F/Sgt M. Baxter K
Sgt A. McD. Young K
Sgt W. H. Jordan K
Sgt J. N. Angus K
Sgt C. W. Payne K
Sgt E. Wright K
Sgt E. G. Westall K


PHOTOGRAPHS: Nearest comparison in database: JD146

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Angela Robinson
(no login)

78 Squadron Halifax Mk II crashed 12 June 1943

July 15 2009, 3:40 PM 

My uncle flew with the following crew members on a strategic bombing mission to Dusseldorf/Bochum, leaving Linton on Ouse @ approx 22:23 on 11 June 1943. His Halifax Mk II, JD145, plane never returned. The body of my uncle, Sgt Eric Wright Air gunner, was washed up in the north side of the Island of Terschelling on the 02 July 1943. Only 1 other member of the crew was found, Sgt Cecil William Payne Wireless operator and Air gunner. His body was washed up on another island, Schiermonnikoog on the 01 July 1943.
The other 5 crew members were never found
F/Sgt Malcolm Baxter Pilot
Sgt Jack Norman Angus Ba
Sgt Wilbur Haldane Jordan Navigator
Sgt Edward George Westall Air Gunner
Sgt Alexander McDonald Young Fe

Just come back from finding my uncles grave
Reply for more info.

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(no login)

Halifax crash June 1943

April 9 2012, 8:01 PM 

just seen this message so probably a bit late now, but my uncle also flew in a Halifax from Linton On Ouse on the night of 11 June 1943. His plane (HR684) crashed at Vorde on the banks of the Rhine on the way back from Dusseldorf with the loss of the entire crew. My Dad has obtained a great deal of information on the crash and events leading up to it.

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Tony Hibberd
(no login)

Re 78 Sqn

April 26 2012, 7:19 AM 


I recieved a letter from your father re this loss - shortly before my old laptop "blew up" I have not as yet been able to reply to him

For your info a file on this loss is held on permanant display within the roles of honour in our Sqn history room

Kind Regards

Sgt Tony Hibberd
78 Sqn
RAF Benson

NB: For info the Standard of No 78(Bomber) Sqn along with the other 10 (or 12) still operational ex Bomber Command RAF Sqns will be on parade for the unveiling of the Bomber Command Memorial on 28 June

78 Sqn lost 979 KIA/MIA - a mere fraction of the 55,573

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Tony Hibberd
(no login)

Sgt Jeal 78 Sqn RAF

May 2 2012, 7:43 PM 


Please contact me via the email above when convenient - I had a letter from your father re the loss of HR864

Kind Regards

Tony H
78 Sqn
RAF Benson

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(Login TheCrewHR864)

HR864 Information

November 16 2014, 10:49 PM 


I am currently assisting a friend, with a collection regarding the crew of HR864 , shot down on 25th/26th, 1943 enroute to Dressen Germany.

If the HR864 is the same kite I am referring to, I would be interested in corresponding re: the letter.

The flight crew included:

F/O Marcel Tomczak
F/S Edward White
Sgt. Albert Wood
P/O Michael Smyth
WOII Clifford Kettley
F/O Alexander McCracken

Killed in crash

F/O Sochowski

Bailed out, broke his ankle and ended up a P.O.W. in Stalag Luft III



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(no login)

Re: HR864 Information

November 23 2014, 4:52 PM 


Apologies - I have info on Halifax HR684 EY-H of 78 Sqn - not Halifax HR864 . . . .



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Chris Jeal
(no login)


March 26 2017, 5:41 PM 

hi Tony

just reading through some bits and bobs and it made me wonder if you ever had much correspondence with my father about this (I know it was a few years ago now!). I will ask him next time i speak to him, but if not i would certainly be interested and could pop down to Oxford pretty easily to hear what information you have and let you know about Dad's research.

my phone number is 07941 289 381

best wishes


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Rene Bosma
(Login mystex21)

Research crash JD145

August 25 2013, 9:33 PM 


My name is René Bosma en i live in the Town of Bakkeveen, Holland.
For some several year i do some research about allied bombers who crashed during the sencd world ware into the North Sea. I also have search for information af the 78 Halifax JD145.

Now I read here that here are some ancestors of some of the JD145 crew.
I was hoping that your be so kind to contact me so we could exchange information about this 78 squadron Halifax en there crew.

I will thank you in advance en looking forward to your contact,


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