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Re: Further Information

July 3 2009, 2:51 PM 

I know it's a long while ago and no update has been posted, so I assume that Christine has given up or found the information elsewhere, but in midsummer, just after midnight a Halifax (presumably alone) finds 3 destroyers and 2 E-boats (not U-boats) radios this information back so that the Admiralty can
a) warn convoys and
b) prepare an attack either by RN submarine or surface forces if close by or by air.
To get close enough to identify what kind of warships they were must have brought them into range and sadly they perished in order that others might live.

I do hope that there are some Naval records (both sides) so that perhaps we can find out if their message did lead to these ships being sunk or damaged. After all, Brest was not too far away from the D Day beaches and would have been a serious threat if these ships had broken through.

Just my comments, no involvement, just sensing the anxiety in the initial poster wanting some explanation for what happened to her Dad.

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Bob Whiting
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H W Mc Rostie's fate

May 21 2010, 2:15 AM 

Hi, Came across this interesting discussion by accident today. Herbert W. (Bert) McRostie was my uncle whom I never knew. Unfortunately his siblings are all dead now but my understanding is that the only information that they received was a copy of the same letter/information from the RAAF. The letter advising the aircraft's probable loss is among the documents in his file which is accessible on line as mentioned. He and the crew he served with on that night 'failed to return' after reporting contact. What happened will never be known unless there are some German records of the action which I have not managed to find. I did come across a French site which mentioned the loss of JP167 on 11/6/1944 but does not include my uncle among the crew and merely lists place of loss as being "ocean". I do not know where this site sourced this information.

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Terry Maker
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The fate of JP167

May 21 2010, 9:34 AM 


Like the last poster, I also came across this by accident. Perhaps, I can offer some 'insight' into the loss, and your remark of:

"Do you think that my fathers plane would have been blown apart in the sky or they would have been on fire and knew they were going to die if so wouldn't they have got a message back to say they were going down as they had been hit"

1. During my own research into a family member, I noticed that many Halifax's 'went down' without sending a message, and very few crew members managed to bail out. Probable reason: there was little or no armour plate on the aircraft, (too heavy).

2 Crew reports: these aircraft were unlike those you are probably familiar with! Dark, cramped, smelling of oil, and fuel. Most reports of shoot downs refer to the aircraft blowing up, or becoming a 'ball of fire'.

3. Messages: they simply never had time to get one off, even if they were able to. The average engagement was perhaps 2 or 3 minutes at most, in the case I researched the Halifax was intercepted by a Nightfighter at 22:49, Berlin time and was recorded as destroyed at 22:52!

remember it would only take one shot from a machine gun into a fuel tank, to create a fire, and that fire would have spread rapidly, and then if able, the crew's whole time would be taken up in trying to save the aircraft, not sending messages.

Not probably what you want to hear, but it is part of the 'general facts' of air warfare.


Terry M

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chris szabo
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November 7 2017, 4:55 PM 

Hello just responding to this old message Harry Chadwick was my grandmothers brother. i have a picture of harry but none of the crew , would love to see a picture of the crew/aircraft

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