So why do we allow this scam, in the form/system of "tipping," to go on by our participation in this practice? Easy! Mainly because of the massive social pressure on us to do so.

Also, there is the vanity aspect--we ourselves, love to tip-- "put on the dog," as they say --by impressing ourselves and others in our demonstarted generosity and ability to reward, handsomely, those "underlings" --yes, perceived underlings, if you care to be honest with yourself about it--even though said underlings may easily be pocketing higher wages than you yourself and for less effort.

And, their employers are laughing at all of us while they are quite content with their lower operating costs, as they, and the IRS, manipulate the whole scene to their personal advantage.

What If.... All costs of going out for meals, etc.--both goods and services--were included in the cost as listed--just like most other things. No tips, surcharges, gratuities, no BS!, whatever...


Tipping Is Plain Stupid!
~The Anti-Tipping Site~

WHY Tipping?
Why NOT Stop?
Just say NO!

TIP means To Insure Promptness, or TIPS, To Insure Promt Service...
Numerous writings regarding the history of "tipping" would indicate that tipping came about centuries ago, and was a gratuity paid up front to insure prompt, efficient service subsequently. Now, the gratuity is paid after the fact (just another aspect of how backasswards things have become).

Gone are the days of olde when the innkeeper's daughter was the servant administering to weary travelers at wayside inns. But today, tipping has grown into an institution unto itself, and we are "conditioned" to this with obedience, and without question, no resistence, not so much as a whimper.

In fact, we Tip with extreme loyalty, vanity, and pride, as do we obediently submit to paying our "taxes"! Anyone who dares voice an opinion contrary to tipping, is immediately attacked by tippers--the majority--therefore, mob rule prevails. Recently, I chanced to post some of my thoughts on the above to an Internet bulletin board, and was lambasted unmercifully as a tightwad, flake, and just plain mean-spirited, (where have I heard that b4?) etc. And then, yet another!

Some of these irate responses came from enraged waiters, waitresses, etc. (excuse me, "SERVERS") who felt that they were entitled to tips, since their employers paid them below minimum wage and they needed the tips. I'm not sure that is even so and/or legal.

Others stated that they certainly would not take another job at higher pay and have to pay taxes on that pay, ending up w/less in their pockets; whereas otherwise they did not report their total tips, etc. Hmmm...

This topic is not limited to servers, etc. Today, everybody under the sun seems to be an eligible tippee and expects a tip--and big ones too.

I have no doubt that many folks--that silent majority--would agree that the archaic system of tipping should come to a screeching halt. And it would but for one thing, the overwhelming social pressure from the loudmouths in general--"why, what would people think..." if one publicly states and demonstrates that he/she thinks that this system is antiquated and it is time to change? Granted, that many have served faithfully receiving/not receiving well-deserved tips for their service--I am addressing the system of tipping itself, and not those people involved--good or bad--tippees or employers, tippers, etc.

If you are inclined to respond/post on this board, please attempt to do so with the big picture in mind, and not personally biased, e,g., as you would if you just happen to be one of the countless tipped/insufficiently tipped servers, taxi-drivers, bellhops, etc., etc. You may respond/post on any or all of those things mentioned above, and/or related information, questions, answers, etc.

Actually, I may have been motivated on this topic after reading an article on the Internet (by a U.S. Marine, moonlighting) who was badmouthing consumers in general for thinking that they should pay only the traditional 15% tip--this arrogant xxxxxxx was sure he had more coming him, and, indeed, was irritated/enraged that some were daring enough, depriving him of his due.

Personally, I am damned sick and tired of "servers" kneeling at my table, referring to me/us as "you guys," and hearing their "sorry bout dat," (which means xxxx you!) What? Complain to the manager you say? Yeah, right, and what do ya get--another pimply-faced kid w/a wiseass attitude--samo-samo as your server who shows up and recites their little spiel, "Hi, "I'm MaryJane, etc., and I'll be your server today..."

Don't get me wrong--I am not opposed to tipping because of the above listed grievances, and/or other inadequacies--I am opposed to tipping in principle, period--I work for my pay like most others--and I neither expect nor demand a handout. Just thought I would pitch my favorite bitches here while I'm at it, since the opportunity presents itself.

Now, this site/board is post moderated--by me. I will likely not approve all posts across the board, whether pro or con in view of my stated feelings on this topic--my previous experience convinces me that there are people who will post to anything whether or not they have anything to say. Not trying to discourage anyone from posting here, I hope you will post here, but be assured I intend to keep the outright jerks away. Those not agreeing w/me, however, should have something germane to the subject, and/or at least interesting (somewhat), as will be those (many?) interesting responses from those agreeing w/me. :)

OK, I may re-write this forum description as I go along--but this will suffice to get things rolling, hopefully. This topic, I think, has the potential for some interesting interaction, as I believe it is something most people have an opinion on--one way or the other. I also have noticed that Mr. Google cannot seem to search for and find any anti-tipping sites on the Internet--so here it is! An interim anti-tipping site, until people wake up and decide they're not going to take it anymore--that might take some time...

But, it does take balls to post here agreeing with what I have had to say above. Those agreeing with me will quickly find themselves among the politically incorrect. The loudmouths, however, the ever-present majority (of the herd-mentality), will have no problem posting their venom here--they don't know from balls.

Have at it.

Thank You,
Dick Gaines

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