So why do we allow this scam, in the form/system of "tipping," to go on by our participation in this practice? Easy! Mainly because of the massive social pressure on us to do so.

Also, there is the vanity aspect--we ourselves, love to tip-- "put on the dog," as they say --by impressing ourselves and others in our demonstarted generosity and ability to reward, handsomely, those "underlings" --yes, perceived underlings, if you care to be honest with yourself about it--even though said underlings may easily be pocketing higher wages than you yourself and for less effort.

And, their employers are laughing at all of us while they are quite content with their lower operating costs, as they, and the IRS, manipulate the whole scene to their personal advantage.

What If.... All costs of going out for meals, etc.--both goods and services--were included in the cost as listed--just like most other things. No tips, surcharges, gratuities, no BS!, whatever...



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Stop bitching and come up with a solution

January 29 2006 at 2:31 AM
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Panda  (Login Nayr747)
from IP address

I have read a lot on tipping and realize that it is obviously a horribly dumb system that benefits only the corporations. But in all I’ve read I haven’t seen one proposed solution to this giant problem. Not one. Not one person in all the people that hate tipping has thought of a solution? Let’s stop bitching and just make the problem go away finally!

I don’t think laws will solve the problem since it’s been ruled unconstitutional to tell people they can’t tip. I think tipping is mostly a social issue so I think the solution will come about through telling people there’s a different norm. I don’t know how exactly to do this. But whatever the solution, I think everyone will have to do it at the same time. A couple people, even a couple thousand, who don’t tip will do nothing but anger the servers and lower their wages further. A system must be created to simultaneously stop customers from giving servers their money and make the companies pay them a normal and fair wage.

I don’t know if restaurant workers have unions, but from what my friends have told me they don’t. I think creating these unions would probably be the most important step in stopping this system. This would allow them to go on strike and demand that they be paid what they feel is a fair wage, and make the restaurant declare itself a “non-tipping” one. I know servers are very adamant that they be tipped so it wouldn’t seem like they would strike to stop tipping, but I have read (and heard from my friends) how stressful the whole restaurant worker system is. I believe stopping the tipping system would greatly reduce their stressful environment, as well as customer’s.

I would recommend everyone inform servers of the solution (when it is devised), possibly by setting up a website with a short name that just contains the solution, and writing the website address on the receipt when they write the tip. Or people could print out posters that say something like “Notice to customers: Please do not tip. We would like to raise our employee’s salaries to minimum wage.” Or something like that. Or the posters could have the website on them. People could also set up a petition on a website like thepetitionsite.com telling restaurants that they would like to dine at their restaurant but don’t because of the tipping system.

If anyone has any other ideas please post them. I know there is a solution to this problem. We just have to find it.

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(Login greatdad)

No solution

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September 12 2006, 11:49 PM 

There is a union for servers and bartenders and everyone inbetween, here in Las Vegas its the culinary union, and around the country it is probable the same union or a variation on that.

Anyway the unions are not the solution, the main reason is money, they get more money from a tipped person than a non-tipped person. The problem is pay. Most tipped employees are paid minumum wage or less depending on the state you are in, but as we know the minumum wage is around 5 or 6 bucks an hour. Like you, I hate tipping, but think about this, if all of us stopped tipping there would be thousands of person at or below the poverty line, and there would be a ripple effect in the economy, house foreclosures, default on loans, ect. Now again, I don't agree with tipping but since this mess was started long before I and probable you were born what can be done. Its not that most of the people we tip are skilled workers, anyone can drive a taxi, be a bellhop, valet, ect. But we all know that are members of this site that we don't want to tip, but like I stated above the solution lies in pay, we know none of these person are worth the 50,000 to 100,000 some of them make on tips(being from vegas I have talked to many tipped person and have had them tell me how much they make). The solution would not be as easy as not tipping, and quite honestly I don't have a clue on a good solution. Except as stated above, but even a solution tied to pay would not do it either since it would involve the amount of pay. All I can say is all of us who want to stop tipping maybe should do what one of the members did and move to another country, other than that I don't think tipping will go away, not because it is not a good idea but because our economy is partly built on tipping.

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