So why do we allow this scam, in the form/system of "tipping," to go on by our participation in this practice? Easy! Mainly because of the massive social pressure on us to do so.

Also, there is the vanity aspect--we ourselves, love to tip-- "put on the dog," as they say --by impressing ourselves and others in our demonstarted generosity and ability to reward, handsomely, those "underlings" --yes, perceived underlings, if you care to be honest with yourself about it--even though said underlings may easily be pocketing higher wages than you yourself and for less effort.

And, their employers are laughing at all of us while they are quite content with their lower operating costs, as they, and the IRS, manipulate the whole scene to their personal advantage.

What If.... All costs of going out for meals, etc.--both goods and services--were included in the cost as listed--just like most other things. No tips, surcharges, gratuities, no BS!, whatever...



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In General Tipping Is Unwarranted

March 4 2007 at 8:17 PM
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I feel that we pay to much of our hard earned money in the base cost of food when we eat out. We dont tip at FastFood why in other places. In some states the employees really make alot of money in fact in 28 states the employees of restaurants make min wage and In California some communties set higher wages. I have a friend who braggs about working at a Five Star restaurant, he states he makes min wage plus about $2400.00 a weekend in tips. In fact he handles about 70 tables a shift and makes an everage of $20.00 a table in tips.

I know plently of people that work 6 days a week and dont even come close to making what my friend makes in fact when he graduated from college and makes about 80k a year he still works every weekend and makes more in two days at the restaurant than he makes at his regular job.

I feel it should be the restaurant owner that should pay the employees a liveable wage.
But if they dont like it and they cant make it on the wage why not find another job.

Starbucks pays all of its employees fairly well with benefits like stock and health care options. In fact the starting wage at Starbucks is set by the head office and it is $9.00 an hour during the training stage and $10.75 after 6 months. Every 10 months and employee is evaluated and receives upto .40 cents more an hour. All employees can buy shares of stock at the following rates:
1-5 shares current price -10% discount
6-10 shares current price -12% discount
11-15 shares current price -14% discount
15-75 shares current price -17% discount
An employee can purchase a maximum of 75 shares a month.

Every 1 year an employee is with Starbucks they receive 10 shares of stock that goes into a money market account that can be used for major purchases. In addition the employee will receive 20 shares of stock for retirement and will recieve $400.00 in cash to the retirement account. The company will match 150% of what the employees puts in the major purchase account and will match 175% of what the employee puts in the retirement account.

If starbucks can doe this and be profitable so can other companies!


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