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Don’t misinterpret me, Ok Vince.

April 23 2006 at 12:15 AM
Don  (no login)

Response to What can I tell you Vince and others.

Don’t misinterpret me, Ok Vince.

I have great respect for you Vince. You came a long ways and survived with a thinking mind. You know plenty. I have read, over the years, your many post. You did your home work, and I love it. I give respect where ever it is found, and your many essays that I have read have proved yourself a “thinking creature”, and I honor that. I truly do.

Others have trained themselves differently than you and I, and as you know I’m rather out spoken, and I do not back down. So I make sure I’m right before I speak. What can I say, for 27 thousand cash, and over 3,000 hours of training, over the last year and a half, I hope it did me (and others) some good, and don’t think that I thought of the contrary.

This god belief, crap shit, cost me over 9 (nine) years of my youth as a young adult, I do not forget. And now I am having to pick up the slack of gross wasted time by the years, and YES I am bitter. Then I think of the thousand of years that many other humans perpetrated this "god scum" to the ignorant, as I was, and I am here to tell you I FIGHT BACK.

I’m NOT putting up with it, NO MORE. Not so much as a god thought, and all the stupid derivatives. And I am seeking power in reality to enforce my standards, and I put my money where my mouth is. This is my right!

You know what Vince? YOU have rights also, and I will fight my ass off for human rights, that includes your rights also. BET ME! If I can not have rights, human rights, then it is time for me to go to COURT, and make my claim, and place a summons to the offending party.

I wanted to study LAW intently when I was 20, and some shit head GOD FREAK TALKED ME OUT OF IT, and I paid the price ever since, with my blood, as I was in error.

I like vengeance, and I like it served cold, and left overs are even better, ALL accordance to the law that IS NOT for private interpretation; and judgments are delivered in PUPLIC for all to see; then let the common man/lady judge for themselves. HUMAN rights are what I stand for, and I never said I am a god, and I will relent as to the order of the common person’s intellect, as that is all that I am at best, but that does not mean I’m stupid, and I do NOT stand alone.

If you can understand this, well what the F, education is still good no mater how you get it. I’m working on it.


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