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August 9 2006 at 1:04 PM

Vince  (Login MoxiFox)

Response to fair enough.


By "win" I meant like ........ "sometimes, you just can't win" . That no matter what you try or how you try, there's always something "wrong" about the way you did it ...... and the message keeps getting ignored because the method isn't absolutely perfected ?

What I've observed from the way "unbelievers" ususally seem to express their criticism is that they focus on all the PROBLEMS of a faith to show faults. Well ..... that's a valid form of criticism for repelling any efforts at proselytisation but ........ does NOT convince anyone of anything. It only creates doubt ....... and anger.

That's NOT my objective. I'm not bent on destroying faith in God because -believe it or not- I TOO (still) have a conviction that there's some kind of intelligent creation force that goes beyond mere evolution. I too, believe there's life after death -not by faith per se- but from a considerable body of evidence.

In my own deconversion process, I went through 3 stages (so far, at least). First, I faced the inevitable conclusion that the inconsistencies made the "story" of Jesus ........ unbelievable. Secondly, I explored the the theory that the whole thing was fabricated and that he had never physically existed. Thirdly, I explored the reasons for the story and how it had come into existence.

In the first phase, I was barraged with acusations of priestly forgery for the purpose of controlling the masses. In the second phase, I was hit with an impenatrable wall of denial for his physical existence. Neither of the above seemed to "fit" with reality or evidence as I perceived it from my own Bible reading. The third phase was pretty much my OWN phase ....... of trying to fit pieces of the puzzle together and come up with a theory as to what ACTUALLY happened and how the whole thing came into being. This is the phase I'm still in. A LOT of pieces have been sorted out (and fit) but some pieces are still missing. (For instance, I'm still puzzled as to HOW Christianity happened to 'hop' from Palestine to Rome. How did it "get" there? How much was actually "created" from the Roman side itself?)

And so ......... if you think I was hurling fastballs at you with the intention of knocking you over ......... that was/is NOT my intention at all! I'm merely trying to tie the pieces together as quickly as possible in order to give you a glimpse of the picture I see, before you run off on me!~ Maybe not the best methodology but ....... I'm still in the learning process of how to be a more effective communicator.

You want to start with Joshua Ben Pandera then? Sure. There's not a heck of a lot of material on him but .... let's look at what we can find.


PS sorry about your arm. How did you hurt it? No hurry on any of this. We can go at it as slow as we want.

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