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Yes Gerard

December 11 2006 at 3:26 AM
Julian  (no login)

Response to Julian..

Thats true, I do get angry when I get an unfair kicking, quite right.

No, I dont at times do any better than you do. Is that going to be an excuse then? I am no role model, you know that, Jesus is.

Mate, I am NOT against you, but you really do shoot yourself in the foot, over, and over, and over again.

You could stop this, ever so easily, but you are intent on having this war. You lost it some time ago mate, you just havent realised it yet. Thats the sad part of this, you just dont see it, do you?

What is SO flippin tragic, is you dont even stop to realise the damage you do to the Christian cause, which we are supposed to represent.

If you cant take it off one who truly loves you, I doubt you will ever stop.

You are not all wrong here Gerard, others have lost patience with you and joined in giving you a kicking, but boy, you truly test the patience of Job.

If and when you see that, I reckon you will come out of all this wiser and a better person for it, I hope that happens, its your choice.

Turning on anyone who disagrees with you is childish Gerard, and I know its not nice to be told off in public. It IS sadly required. If I just observed you getting into trouble time and time again, without comment, would I be your friend? No, I would not.

Sometimes I wonder if you actually do enjoy all this, because you seem to be making a career out of getting on the wrong side of everyone. Is it nice to be disliked by just about everyone you come into contact with? I hope youhave a different experience in the 3D world.

Is that everyones fault? Is it Gerard? Or maybe there is something YOU are doing to encourage this?

Just have a long hard think Gerard, because for a man with such great qualities, you do let yourself down big time with this nonesense.

If you dont like me for saying it, tough, I am saying it, and will continue to do so, in love.

I am not joining any lynch mob, I am TRYING to help you. Pray God you see that one day.

Love in Jesus, Julian

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