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Alex Jones show today

April 25 2011 at 3:15 PM

Vince  (Login MoxiFox)

A caller to the Jones show today, brought up something which I've been thinking myself for awhile. I even said the same thing to Jones in a correspondence statement ... so it was rather interesting to me that this caller was saying pretty much exactly the same thing as my hunch.

Jones, of course, gets thousands of emails so I don't expect him to pay attention to any particular single emails ... but I wrote him on the off-chance that he or one of his staff might read it and that it might trigger some thoughts if those thoughts weren't already in their minds.

That is ...

Christians place great stock in Bible prophecies. If Revelation says something is going to happen, they don't DO anything about it but wait for it to happen!

This pisses off atheists because they see Christians as stupid sheep who WON'T do anything to combat global corruption because the events are already cast in stone by God and to OPPOSE any biblical fulfillment of prophecy would be almost tantamount to fighting God himself.

So atheists DISMISS the whole prophecy ball of wax as a bunch of hooey.

Me? I think atheists are making a mistake by holding that perception.


Because it's the global elitists THEMSELVES who either believe in the prophecies or EXPLOIT the prophecies to DO exactly what the prophecies predict.

I believe that a small cabal of wannabe world rulers are actually religious themselves. They certainly put value in performing rituals and observing ritualistic form in institutions like Skull & Bones and Bohemian Grove. Zionists place great value in the Torah and Talmud ... even if they claim to be atheists.

These religious ceremonies and rituals and prophecies appear to be EXPLOITED for control issues ... whether the people who practice them are real believers or not.

And so ...

It's QUITE possible that we'll see the "end times" unfolding pretty much in line with the way Daniel and Revelation describe. (Now these "prophetic works" are pretty much veiled in mystery, ambiguity and incompleteness so that no two people can actually fully AGREE on what they mean, exactly .. but... in hindsight, they can be totally understood as they are interpreted by events which have already transpired. "See, it said that there and NOW we've seen how it was actually fulfilled!!")

Christians today are REALLY getting into end-time prophecies and figuring that Jesus will come any day now because the prophecies are being so literally fulfilled now! They don't pay any attention to what is REALLY happening in real time behind the scenes so that they can counteract it ... but instead, praying a lot more and asking Jesus to help their belief or unbelief -whatever- and then feverishly pointing to all events as proof that the Bible is infallible.

Well think about it ....

If you were a wannabe ruler of the world and had vast resources at your disposal ... what BETTER way to implement your agenda than to do it in such a way that if fulfills Biblical prophesies? I mean, almost instantly, you'll have a huge percentage of the world -the world's Christians- laying down like a flock of sheep and ACCEPTING all of it with nothing more than moans and bitchings!

So I would say to atheists ...

DON'T dismiss the Biblical prophesies as nonsense even if they mean nothing to YOU. Some other people with a LOT of power and influence are NOT taking that attitude!


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