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No, no, no Jabs

April 19 2014 at 4:35 PM

Vince  (Login MoxiFox)

Response to I'm sorry Vince

You should never take that approach because when you do, you immediately close your mind to any further possibilities and then you'll MISS any further clues.

Pictures contain an AMAZING amount of information and clues. You'd be surprised at what you can piece together from picture evidence.

Now, here's my (loose) theory on what happened there. I only need to see "something" which can corroborate it.

I suspect that "the plan" that day ... was to have the north tower TOPPLE OVER to the north ... completely. That way, it would fall on top of building 7 and "cause" it to be demolished. So they worked it like you would if you fell a tree and make it go in the direction you want...

You cut a big notch into one side to remove almost all of the support ... and then make another small notch on the other side but above the big notch. We've all done that ... right?

Well I figure that they had the theory right but the timing was a bit off ... or they miscalculated on the effects.

First, they cut the perimeter for the big hole in #6 ... just prior to the collapse of the south tower, using small cutter charges.

Here is what one EMS responder witness reported ...

Patricia Ondrovic's story: As for trained emergency personnel not being like the rest of us, it's worth looking into the interviews and testimony of EMT Patricia Ondrovic. She was outside her ambulance on Vesey street near WTC 6 when the south tower collapsed. Just before that collapse, a supervisor announced that there might be an incoming plane. This was a big surprise to her, since she had thought the damage to the towers was caused by bombs. Here are some of the things she remembers as she ran for her life:

–She tried to enter the lobby of WTC 6 but was told by security to get away. She saw a series of at least six flashes go off along the ceiling of the WTC 6 lobby, accompanied by popping noises.

–She believed that those flashes were demolitions explosives going off.

–She ran north and west as at least three parked cars exploded around her, one of them setting her coat on fire.

–While in North Park she believed she saw an airplane explode in a fireball over New Jersey.

– She hooked up with another ambulance about 15 blocks north and told the driver to take them out of the city, to drive to Westchester.

– A supervisor stopped the ambulance and told it to turn back and go towards the WTC. She tried to refuse.

–She had a panic attack and was having trouble breathing from all the dust she had inhaled, and was treated in the back of the ambulance, then taken to St. Vincent's Medical Center.

–It wasn't until a week later that she learned it was the collapse of the south tower she had been running from. She had thought it was a bomb.

That's what terror can do, even to someone who deals with life-and-death emergencies on a daily basis.

So this report on Patricia's story is trying to imply that she DIDN'T see the flashes or hear the popping noises in WTC-6 ... because her mind was playing tricks on her. Nor did she see cars exploding/catching on fire.

But ... maybe she did?

What would account for that? REAL demolition explosives going off in WTC-6 ... maybe?

So then they waited until the NORTH tower started coming down and set off another -single/huge- blast in WTC-6 to create the large notch for undermining the north tower on the north side. This big blast blew out a huge hole in #6, expelling contents upwards out of that hole. This would account for the second geyser in the aerial photo.

Instead of undermining the north tower on the north side though -as they'd hoped- the pressure of the holing blast drove everything "backwards" ... making the entire collapse shift to the south east. (Keep in mind that they were blowing the north tower from the top down SO FAST ... that debris was falling no faster than the actual explosion sequences going downwards ... creating a kind of suspended disintegrated tower in mid air. Thus, a second blast coming from the bottom and in front ... could shift that entire mid-air disintegration over to the south east, throwing stuff UP ... as it was coming DOWN).

And so they were left with virtually NOTHING having toppled to the north. Building 6 was left with a huge inexplicable hole in it ... and building 7 was left standing in almost pristine condition. It took them HOURS to figure out what to do with it ... because it had already been pre-determined that this building WOULD come down. Finally, at around 4PM they just gritted their teeth and blew it too. They used the excuse that it was burning out of control and they didn't want to risk any more lives etc. ... but what they NEVER explained is HOW they happened to have it so completely rigged for such a perfect demolition job ... in ADVANCE!


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