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I guess I have a different perspective

November 29 2010 at 1:30 PM
Jamie  (no login)

Response to Traveling at 11 weeks Pregnant?

I have traveled all through my pregnancy:

6 weeks went to Canada
10 weeks went to my home state ( have done this every month since)
14 weeks went to England
and right now at 23 weeks I am in Hong Kong. At 27 weeks I'm going to Italy. (both of these are in business class where I can lie flat which I think makes a difference--wouldn't do a long trip in coach)

I think as long as things are going well and you aren't having cramping or spotting it's fine. The only thing is that you may enjoy the trip more in second trimester once the nausea passes. I started feeling great around 16 weeks and did not feel so hot at 11 weeks.

Have a great time--I love Disneyworld!

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