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November 30 2010 at 11:03 AM
Lindy  (Login Lindy3)

Response to second trimester

Age: 41

How many weeks/months: 25w4d

Protocol: Au-naturale.....had HSG the previous cycle.

Clinic: Boston IVF

Gender if you Know: TEAM GREEN!!!

Tips to share: Never quit!! Be your own advocate!!

PG with #3

Brigham & Women's with Dr Fox
9/01 FSH 15.9
MTHFR Homozygous
3/02 HSG...small adhesions noted
3/02 CCCT cd3 13.1 cd10 13.3
4/02 Stim/IUI BFN
6/02 IVF#1 Chem pg
9/02 IVF#2 BFN
12/02 IVF#3 Chem pg
01/03 Laproscopy....small adhesion removed
2/03 IVF#4 BFN
5/03 IVF#5 BFN

Switched to Dr Davis @ Cornell
7/03 IVF#6 BFN
9/03 IVF#7 Chem pg
Also saw Dr. Jonathan Scher in NYC who said DH and I had too similar DQ Alphas and that if we ever split I may get pg easier...hmmm who knew???

Divorced ex"D"H

New DH happy.gif

4/05 Natural pg (m/c 7-8w....triploidy)
5/05 FSH 19.4
1/06 Natural pg (m/c 8w....BO)
4/06 Natural pg............dd 12/20/06 happy.gif
8/07 FSH 17.9
9/07 Natural pg (m/c 10w....trisomy 22)
1/08 FSH 14.9
5/08 FSH/IUI=chem pg
8/08 Switched to BIVF (Dr. Brian Berger) Insurance denied IVF and denied on appeal
10/08/08 AF
10/16/08 HSG
10/20/08 Oed
10/30/08 +HPT.....Natural PG
01/29/09 Normal amnio
07/12/09..........dd#2 arrived!! happy.gif
11/18/09 Cycle Day 1 of TTC#3
03/18/10 FSH 23.3.........yikes!
05/14/10 HSG
06/28/10 +HPT
Baby #3 due 03/11/11

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