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Looking for advice from you successful Ladies!

December 30 2010 at 10:59 AM
Sara H.  (no login)

I am from the other board, I hope this is OK!
I am: 36, highest FHS was 39, all other tests clear, been trying for 2 years, one unsuccessful IUI and IVF, DH is mostly clear (very high volume, so Dr.'s feel that evens out the slight motility issues), we have never had a BFP, now out of insurance and on self-pay. Yes, we are going to call for a "Check/Cooper" appointment, but while we wait I had a question about a totally natural cycle...

What advice do you have? I am day 7 of my cycle. This is a totally unmonitored cycle. I can't eat pineapple (I'm allergic!)but I have bought grapefruit and am eating one a day. (Actually, I am drinking it but I juiced it myself and left all the pulp in, so I am guessing it's the same.)

I have seen you ladies talk about Robitussin, is it just as effective if we use "Pre-seed"? (since I believe the Robitussin is to help with cm?)

I have read your posts about aspirin, but some ladies say no.

When I was at with my RE she only gave me progesterone support once, after my IVF, but never said I needed it on other cycles or after my IUI, though I do still have a bunch left.

So, ladies, what wonderful, crazy, give-it-a-try advice do you have???

Thank you! Congratulations to you all!
Sara H.

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  1. grapefruit is great! (child ment in sig) - juliemam (grad/co-mod) on Dec 30, 1:52 PM
  3. Not successful but.. - Jamie B. on Dec 30, 1:54 PM
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    1. Thank you, Ladies! - Sara H. on Dec 30, 10:37 PM
      1. tea - Rebekah on Dec 30, 11:13 PM
        1. yup - Whole Foods has it. - Anonymous on Dec 31, 6:07 AM
          1. So I got the tea.. - Sara H. on Dec 31, 1:26 PM
            1. it's the red raspberry leaf tea you want - juliemam on Dec 31, 1:36 PM
            2. That's not the one... - Anonymous on Dec 31, 1:52 PM
              1. oh - and you can find it at Whole Foods for sure - Anonymous on Dec 31, 1:53 PM
              2. Thank you, got it! - Sara H. on Dec 31, 7:32 PM
    2. my bad - Wren on Dec 31, 2:37 PM
  8. Wait! It's Celestial Seasonings... - Sara H on Dec 31, 7:29 PM
    1. enjoy it! - Anonymous on Dec 31, 7:44 PM
      1. OK, will do! Tomorrow I'll get the right stuff! - Sara H. on Jan 1, 9:10 AM
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