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January 25 2011 at 8:25 AM
gone_fshn  (no login)

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I did 150 Menopur and 150 Bravelle starting on CD3 til CD 11, adding Cetrotide on CD 7. We did egg retrieval on CD12. We got 3 eggs, all of which fertilized, and made it to transfer day. However, on transfer day, one embryo was starting to disintegrate so we transferred two. Got my BFP 14 DP retrieval, confirmed via Cooper blood test the following day! I should also note that I took 800 mg of COQ10, 400 COQ10 and 400 Ubiquinol, split taken 2x/day. I did that for about 5-6 weeks prior to my successful cycle, so not sure if it really had time to take effect but I feel it may have helped.

I did my monitoring at Cooper, as I live about an hour away. If I could give you advice about Cooper, it would be definitely stay on top of them and on top of your case. I found them to pretty well organized in my case but others have not always had that experience. I think it may have helped that I did all my monitoring there.

Hope that helps, please let me know if you have any questions. Good luck to you! happy.gif

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