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my doctor

January 25 2011 at 12:51 PM
Wren  (no login)

Response to Usual dosage?

originally prescribed 75/day compounded DHEA from Belmont Pharmacy near Denver. However, we did weekly blood draws to make sure my level was theraputic and not damaging to my health. I was highly sensitive to the DHEA and I ended up being balanced at 37.5 mg/day. NO OVER THE COUNTER STUFF! My doctor did a study on the otc stuff. Early on when he started using it, he would just send women out to buy it. And then their blood levels were wildly different! So he got most of the otc DHEA and tested it and found that in any given bottle you buy otc, you could be getting anywhere from 1 mg to hundreds of mg, regardless of what the mg on the bottle said! In fact, I had been doing otc for 1 month prior to meeting him only 50mg a day and when they tested to see where I was prior to starting his therapy, my levels of testosterone were the highest they've ever seen! Just on the 50mg of the otc stuff! I was put on hold for one month to clear out my system before he let me start his DHEA therapy.

I was in therapy ranges for 2 months and suddenly got a natural BFP! He was thrilled (even though it meant he wouldn't get paid for the scheduled ivf)!

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