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January 27 2011 at 12:46 PM
Kate  (no login)

Response to new to forum - 36 yo, FSH 58, less than 5% pregnancy chance

I had my FSH tested after not having a period in 9 months. I was 26. The number was 97. Just 2 months later, I had a period (through progesterone withdrawal), and on CD3, my FSH was 18. Still elevated, but much closer to my "norm" of 20ish (monitored from then on). I still was given a less than 5% chance of ever getting pregnant (although I am now over 5 weeks along with a spontaneous pg!), but this decision was based on 3 repeated cycles of fsh readings on cd3.

My friend also did not have a period for 6 months, at age 27, but it was due to exercise/weight loss (80lbs in a year). She had an FSH measurement of 49, but upon getting her period, she got tested and it was 7. She's been regular ever since.

Going on bcp was an option for me, but it did not regulate my cycles. My hormones were screwy, and the bcp just made me spot constantly.

I will say, though, that 4 months of bcp suppressed my body and fsh enough that 2 weeks after I went off of them, I got pregnant. It is true that your FSH "bounces back" after going off the bcp, but that is the same theory as estrogen priming--you suppress everything for a while, then when it comes back, it all comes back at the same time, and you have a higher likelihood of ovulating. (My FSH always rose too early--it would start rising in the middle of my luteal phase, instead of the beginning of my cycle, so using bcp or estrogen throughout luteal phase would hold that off so I wouldn't get a premature egg).

Good luck. And don't panic until you get your cycles back on track--the FSH could be high BECAUSE you've lost estrogen BECAUSE you are training (estrogen is fat soluble--if you're losing fat because of training, you're gonna lose your cycles and your FSH will rise to try and compensate).

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