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6 weeks and traveling out of country!

February 14 2011 at 11:56 AM
Maya  (no login)

Hello I am new to the board and hope to be a member. I have a few questions I hope can be answered...
33 yo, 0ne failed IVF (no reason) and One IUI.

I am about 7 weeks pregnant from LMP, newly pregnant from IUI with 2 wk P4=5.8 but now 25, and initial HCG of 46, now 24,000. I am on Estrace, crinone BID by my fertility doctor. My OB just added Prometrium vaginal insertion at Bed time and for the past 2 weeks have been using every other day IM progesterone( per friends' advice)
My OB and Fertility doctors are convinced that I am a perfectly normal pregnancy with nothing to worry about. Last week I had a 2000 drop in my HCG from one day to the next but rose by 6,000 after 3 days.
I feel fine, a little early satiety and decreased appetite but great otherwise.

1. I am travelling out of the country this week to Asia for 3 weeks: any thoughts? ( both physicians say it is safe for me to travel)
I was in Asia last year for 2 weeks. I was impressed. Mostly easily accessible anything you want- just have the money.
2. Although my progesterone is rising should I worry as I am simply using the IM injections unbeknownst to both my physicians.
3. My Fertility doc was out of country during my IUI, which he kept discouraging me from doing, I have not spoken to him and he has not bothered to call me either, I simply deal with the center - the nursing. I paid for 2 cycles out of pocket, so still have one more cycle with them.

Thank you.


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