mine was 26

March 14 2011 at 9:42 PM
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Response to getting pregnant with high fsh?

for both my natural conceptions.

See my signature below for a short history happy.gif

I think that 11.5 is very good. What was your estrogen? They should both be read together because an elevated estrogen artificially lowers fsh--that is what my RE told me.

I was 34 for my first and 38 for my second. No meds. Did try a few cycles of Clomid, didn't help at all. But Traditional Chinese Medicine helped the most.

Good luck and hang in there. Feel free to ask more questions.

me:42, DH 43
FSH 26
DS: born by c-sec Apr15'03, 9lbs5oz 41wks gest. (after 4 years of ttc, starting in 1998)
DD born by c-sec Oct 13 2007, 8lbs13oz 39wk gest. (after just under 3 years of ttc)
~~DS was conceived naturally the cycle following a cancelled DE IVF, using my good friend's eggs. She was on the verge of hyperstimming.
~~DD's nat conception I attribute to using OPKs like a crazy nut, eating grapefruit daily and using preseed. also 5 cycles of TCM ending 2 cycles before that lucky cycle.

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