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Thanks for asking.

March 18 2011 at 9:04 PM
crayolab  (no login)

Response to thank you, how did your amino go?

Amnio went perfectly, no complications and Roshan is really a master. Compared to the last one I had it felt like a Day 3 blood draw. He uses a smaller needle, so it takes a bit longer to withdraw the fluid, but I found him amazing and the procedure much more bearable than I remembered.

We are so impressed with Dr. Roshan's ultrasound equipment, especially. It is really state of the art. He was head of OB u/s at NYU and is known to be tops for this, offers 3D, etc. We are grateful for this, as we feel that we are getting the most and best info possible, especially important to us given our history.

We did get our FISH results back, which were negative for DS, T13 and T18, so that was a relief. We are having an extended micropanel run, so that will be a couple of weeks' wait. Torture. Trying to breathe.


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