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March 24 2011 at 9:55 AM
ZakiaZ  (no login)

Response to jitters

as a fitness inst./personal trainer who has been through several years of IF, I strongly suggest that you considerably limit your exercise. Outside of anything that you do on a daily basis (walking, climbing stairs, etc.) your main job now is to gestate and make sure that this first tri goes on without any glitches.

I used to be of the old school of there's no reason not to exercise while pg, well considering that pg is a totally immune condition and your body needs it's resources to establish and keep your pg going, why set up unnecessary competition at this point in time? You are newly pg. You need to take it easy until. When people talk about continuing to ex. during pg they're not specifiyng WHO they're talking about. It's a general statement. I think people who suffer through IF need to be extra careful and be aware that there needs may be different so they can't simply follow the general guidelines. It's a different group and should have different guidelines.

I realise that a healthy pg is not going to just end out of the blue but from my personal experience, it's better to not push your luck.

With my ds #1 I stopped teaching the min. I got the positive pee stick. At my 18 wk u/s it was confirmed that I had complete previa. I had a lot of bleeding in the first tri and even though my obgyn had given me the ok to exercise, she didn't say how much or anything. I was an extreme exerciser. Luckily I knew better. Later it turned out that my previa was very vulnerable. I took no chances.

Once you're in the clear, you can go on a maintenance routine which could be around 50% of your normal activity level. But first you should make sure that your dr. gives you the ok.


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