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don't do anything and don't worry

March 24 2011 at 12:32 PM
Mrs. A  (no login)

Response to jitters

Firstly, I know it is the hardest thing to do - but really do not put much emphasis on the betas very early on. You want to see significant growth for sure but more or less than exact doubling shouldn't be taken as a bad sign. I started off with 108 at 15DPO and and 18DPO I was 942. Save you the math - the doubling time is less than 24 hours at 23.04 hours. My initial reaction was OMG this is an abnormal embie - it's growing too fast. But I quickly decided to believe and know that it was simply a strong and healthy embie. He just was flying right out of the gate like it was the Derby! My next beta was at 20DPO and it was 2936...doubling time = 29.27 hours. He was hauling *** for the finish line for sure! happy.gif

And now today - I am 14 weeks with a FANTASTIC nuchal scan and first trimester screen.

Secondly, what boosted my confidence in the early weeks was that my P4 and E2 levels were behaving as they should (holding steady and/or increasing).

Not sure about Cornell but clinics each have their own protocol for when to order the first u/s. For example, my RE sends you for first u/s once beta reaches 1,500. I had my first u/s at 22DPO. However, a friend of mine who is recently PG via IVF with a different clinic got sent to her first u/s after her 2nd beta (independent of the beta result). So just ask the RE when you can expect to go and more importantly, ask them what they are looking for at that first u/s and correlation to betas. My RE expected to see gestational sac AND yolk sac at a minimum at that first u/s.

Other questions to ask will likely unfold naturally but ask about sex restrictions. My clinic's philosophy, right or wrong, is no sex until placenta has taken over because they idea is that the uterus can't handle the effects of orgasmic contractions so early on. Maybe bologna but I wasn't going to challenge. After all, in the grand scheme of things, we do soooo many crazy (and unproven) things to try to get pregnant why should I think differenly now that I actually am pregnant. On the other hand I think that the clinic may make exceptions so long as a heartbeat is seen. In my case, none of that mattered because I had a small hematoma (subchorionic hemorrahge) and so I was resctricted not just from sex but any lifting, bending, exercising. I wasn't put on full bed rest but general advice was along the lines of just keep hydrated and just lay around.

Are you still traveling for work? Definitely ask about that. I had to travel to Europe between 6-8 weeks and while none of the doctors (RE or OB) were endorsing it, they weren't banning it either. The concern was not the flying itself (the only concern there would be cabin pressure but that's not a concern at all when travelling a commercial aircraft), but rather the activities around flying such as dragging, pulling, lifting suitcases. And this concern was not because of my small hematoma - it was general concern. I was travelling with DH so I did none of those things.

Lastly, I wouldn't do any exercise. Not because I think that for sure it would have adverse effects, but again, it was such a precious fine line to walk to get here, why do anything at all that would cause you to ever question yourself, if God forbid, something went wrong. Btw, this is coming from a woman who was shoveling about a foot worth of snow just a couple of days prior to her BFP. (and also drinking wine and margaritas!).

These are going to be some tough days/weeks ahead because the level of suspense is going to be a hundred times worse than what you felt after ER through day of ET. But for right now, you have nothing to worry about!! Really. Until there is something to really worry about, try not to worry.


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