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good luck :)

March 31 2011 at 10:51 PM
juliemam (grad)  (Login juliemam)
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Response to Nuchal test tomorrow

enjoy seeing that little bean. Everything will be fine. happy.gif I like that we have these tests but boy did they cause a lot of worry and stress for me. I suppose it's natural but still happy.gif
I used to drink a bit of juice before an u/s to be sure the feotus would be a bit active otherwise I'd worry about that too. Not a good idea for the ones where they have to do accurate measures, as I learned. It was tricky snapping a pic of where the tech had to measure. (blush blush) oh well, it was worth it to see that squiggly bean.

I found the pre-natal hard too and it was less uncomfortable if I took them during my dinner or right after and tried to get to sleep before they made my tummy ache. During pg, my digestion slowed right down so taking it right after dinner and going to bed 3hrs later was fine for me most nights.
I kept taking them post natal and they didn't have the same heaviness or achiness/pain/nausea in my stomach. Funny how different a pg body can be.

If you get a pic, post it happy.gif If you do, be sure to mask out the personal info those u/s images always have.

come tell us how it went

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