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you nailed it!

April 28 2011 at 10:27 AM
Mrs. A  (no login)

Response to is your OB a high risk OB?

he's totally arrogant! when we went for the hopsital tour the staff talked about him as if he's this nice and humorous and great guy. If he's funny his delivery is sorely lacking.

When I went for my vag culture on Tuesday I mentioned to him that I wasn't sure how I could get this yeast infection because DH and I haven't had ANY sex. In a totally straight face he says "well obviously you have had sex." Not even with a chuckle or a wink. Now, that's not a terrible statement by any means. It's just the aggregate of stupid comments like that that makes each one annoying and arrogant. I cocked my head and responded "OBVIOUSLY, my husband and I have had sex otherwise we wouldn't have heard the little heartbeat you just picked up on the doppler! You know what I meant."

At my first visit with him I forgot to ask him for the heart rate while he was actually doing the u/s. Before the visiti was over I remembered and asked him and he said it was normal. I said can I have the BPM. He huffed and said "140". I asked isn't that too fast? He rolled his eyes and asserted "it's normal." I f&%$ing knew it was not 140 BPM at 5W6d but I left it at that.

On a subsequent visit I asked the heart rate and he asked if I really needed to know. Can you believe him?! I said "YES I do!"

So yes, he's arrogant in my opinion. And it's more so annoying because I was very upfront with him at my first visit with DH present. I explained to him all that I'd been through and for him to bear with me. I explained to him how as an IF patient you get so involved in every aspect of your care and that I'd probably be the same with the PG.

And no - he's not a high risk OB. I am considering moving on but don't want to make any hasty moves either. He's not a bad doctor; just sorely lacking in bedside manneras an OB. And FWIW, he was my GYN long before he was my OB and I never saw this side of him. But then again, as a GYN I saw him once a year, maybe once every 6 months, for a pap. Not a whole lot of care involved.

Thanks for listening!

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