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May 5 2011 at 4:51 PM
Mrs. A  (no login)

Response to Good luck today, Mrs.A!

Thank you Lord and St. Anne for looking after us! And of course all you ladies for your well wishes!

Peri sonographer looks first then perinatologist comes in and looks and gives final results.
It was all uneventful, although a bit nervewracking for me in the break between the peri sonographer and perinatologist, when DH revealed he was anxious and nervous and was concerned about some faces the peri sonographer had made. I thought I caught glimpses of some faces too. As it turns out it was probably due to the fact that she couldn't get the heart well. But that's OK; the perinatologist came in afterwards and said the images of the heart were sub-optimal but that she would take another try. Voila, there it was and perfect. Baby gave the thumbs up (literally! like he was hitch hiking), was grabbing his foot and putting it over his head.

Seeing the spine and the ribs was INCREDIBLE. How could something so tiny have such little miniscule bones like that?

Baby measured 19W6D which is fine; according to ovulation he's 20 weeks. He weighs 12 ozs!! Is that crazy or what? That's a can of soda!

My cervical length was also fine.

I go back in 8 weeks (coincidentally my 5 year wedding anniversary) for the 28 week growth check u/s.

And we didn't find out the gender but I still refer to baby as a 'he'. happy.gif


As a sidebar, I asked the peri about me continuing use of the Prometrium. She said that at this stage she only uses P4 support for incompetent cervix and what she uses is vaginal support. She said that to her knowledge, evidence is that there are no known concerns with mom or baby and using progesterone support at this stage of pregnancy. She said it's totally normal to start P4 support as early as 16 weeks and continue it through 37 weeks. That said, she doesn't use Prometrium so couldn't speak to it specifically; she's familiar with it's use in early pregnancy but not for this stage. She also said that given that she doesn't have my full history she couldn't give me any specific guidance but that if I asked my OB for a referral to her that she could order a work-up (which would involve liver function?!) and other exams to assess my situation. She was so nice! When we walked out my DH commented that it was too bad that she couldn't be my OB. She didn't treat me like I had 4 heads when I asked a question and wasn't condescending either. What I did keep thinking to myself was...why hadn't my OB decided to just refer me to the peri for another opinion on the P4 issue rather than stir up trouble?!

I talk to Check on Tuesday, but was curious to get the peri's take.

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