3 miracles!

June 2 2011 at 11:12 PM
Alli  (no login)

Response to Grads post here (details inside)

Age at conception: 31

How long TTC: 2.5 years

Highest CD 2 or 3 FSH: 10.4 but AFC of 2-5

Most recent AMH result: did not want to know for my own mental health

FSH in conception cycle: my RE never tested it happy.gif

1st beta results and DPO: 57 at 8dp3dt, 239 2 days later

Delivered: C-section at 33w5d for triplets and beginnings of pre-eclampsia

Treatment in conception cycle: SIRM's LA10-2EV with HGH and Estrace month before, super high stims (750 then 600 of gonal-f) with ganirelex, AH, AFC of 2, ER 3 eggs, tx'd 3 embryos (2 8 cell and 1 6 cell that "wasn't gonna make it...")

Treatments in prior cycles: like 25 TI cycles with CBEFM, 3 Clomid and Femara IUI's BFN, 1 canceled IVF (lower stims and BCP's, more Lupron)because only made 1 follie

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